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New Conservative spin-meister wanted.

It seems that we soon won’t be having Kory to kick around anymore for the Conservatives propaganda spin he helped to send out:

Harper’s communications director to step down

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s director of communications, Kory Teneycke, is planning to step down from his post, CTV News has learned, just as speculation ratchets up about a possible fall election. It is not clear exactly when Teneycke will vacate his post, but it will be “very soon,” according to CTV News Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife. Teneycke’s departure means the prime minister will have to find someone new to control and shape his messaging as he prepares his strategy, should the opposition parties force an election this fall.

A rather interesting departure at an interesting time. Kory still has the job though, and he’ll need to come up with some spin to explain away the new EI figures out today:

EI Roll hits highest level since 1997

The number of Canadians getting regular employment insurance benefits in May reached 778,700, the highest level on comparable records going back 12 years, Statistics Canada said Tuesday..Alberta showed the fastest increase, and that province, plus B.C., Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba all recorded their largest number of EI recipients since 1997.

I can already guess Kory’s reaction (or any other Conservative spokesperson, for that matter): ‘The Bank of Canada and its governor Mark Carney has officially declared the recession over. Don’t worry, be happy’


3 comments to New Conservative spin-meister wanted.

  • Brian Finch

    Probably Stan, Scott hasn’t written anything because nobody gives a sh#t about a wafer. The only thing I cared about, as the story was so stupid, was that it was a negative for Harper.

    However, keep talking conspiracy of journalists, don a wig and then call yourself Sarah Palin.

  • Stan

    What’s up Scott?
    I don’t see a post regarding how the whole story about the infamous communion wafer was just another bunch of liberal ‘journalists’ trying to smear Harper.

    I’ll stay tuned.

  • slg

    Back to designing Corn Cob Bob characters……

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