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The National Citizens Coalition prefers input from you on trivial matters, not relevant issues.

Forget the recession, forget how fast government stimulus is or isnt getting out there, or whether its being put to good use or how wisely it’s being spent; Stephen Harper’s former organization wants to know from you folks whether the Queen should be giving former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien the Order of Merit or not.

As you might expect, the vote over there is overwhelmingly against Chretien receiving this award. I’m sure the Queen will hurry along to respect the wishes of the Kool-Aid crowd over there and rescind the honour. I don’t particularly “get” putting up a poll question like that when the NCC knows the way its readership is going to vote in a loaded poll like that, but at least it shows more sane mainstream folks what the NCC considers to be an important issue for it to get input from its readers back on – an issue that no one except itself and its hard-core right wing members care a whit about.


8 comments to The National Citizens Coalition prefers input from you on trivial matters, not relevant issues.

  • Loraine Lamontagne

    Of course the Queen is right in awarding the Order of Merit to Chrétien for his exceptional contribution to public life. Thirty-three years as an elected politician, minister of finance, revenue, indian affairs, industry… and prime minister of three consecutive majority governments – who else in the world over the past 57 years of her reign has accomplished this? What Chrétien did is exceptional, and only those blinded by partisan politics are unable to acknowledge this.

  • Stan

    Yeah, there are plenty more pressing issues, like WaferGate.

    Oh look, more biased liberal scumbag journalists.

  • Tim

    “Does Jean Chretien deserve the Order of Merit from the Queen?”
    Just who does care about this? Most people clearly think this is a stupid “Are you kidding me??” question.

    kwittet, this is a filler question, HA HA the joke’s on you!!’

    We have serious problems that NEED to be dealt within Canada. The economy, unemployment, police brutality as shown by the irresponsible abuse by teasers, planing for the increase health care needs of our aging population, etc … etc…

  • kwittet

    Does Jean Chretien deserve the Order of Merit from the Queen?




    Are you kidding me??

    these are the results.

    Scott. are you in the 2.6%? If this was 10 years from now and this vote was on Harper I’m sure your view of this would be much different but seeing as it is a liberal icon to liberals of course you are not liking the result.
    The numbers confirm to me what I thought after years of Chretien and scandal after scandal and I voted for him the first time.

    • @kwittet, I didn’t even bother to vote in that farce of a poll.

      Honestly, I could care less about what the results are. As I said, that poll is geared towards the NCC’s core readers… so it more or less doesn’t only not surprise me that those are the results on there.. I’m shocked Chretien got as high as he did over there.

  • Its a pretty bizzare day when Gerry Nicholls and Scott Tribe agree on something.

    The NCC has become a self-parody.

  • The National Citrizens Coalition, sadly, has lost its way. It pursues the trivial because it doesn’t know how to be relevant.

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