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Speak Out on Copyright! (.ca)

Professor Michael Geist has set up a new website in response to the Canadian government’s Canadian Copyright Consultation forum, which is seeking input from Canadians on what type of Copyright laws they wish to see in Canada.

Why the new website? Professor Geist says its important to not allow a repeat of Bill C-61 to come back and to encourage Canadians to participate in the process:

There has been some criticism over the past week about perceived “A” lists for those invited to roundtables and those excluded. My view is that the only list that really matters is the list of people who take the time to make a public submission. That process is open to everyone and this is the ideal opportunity to ensure that Canadians voices are heard. The government has not consulted on copyright since 2001 and this consultation represents both a crucial opportunity and a potential threat. While Canadians can ensure that the government understands that copyright matters and that a balance is needed, some groups will undoubtedly use the consultation to push for a return of Bill C-61. Indeed, the recording industry has already said that that bill did not go far enough. That means we could see pressure for a Canadian DMCA, a three-strikes and you’re out process, and the extension of the term of copyright to eat into the public domain. Countering those calls will require broad participation.

Hence the website:, which according to Professor Geist contains among other things “dozens of posts and videos on Canadian copyright law, the Twitter #copycon stream, information on Bill C-61, and a Take Action page that highlights the ways individual Canadians can speak out on copyright”.

If Canadians wish to give the government their views on Copyright reform and what form it should take, now is the time to do so (and so far, it appears many Canadians are).

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