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Sue ’em.

After reading this bit of horror, I think Abousfian Abdelrazik has as good a case as Maher Arar did to sue the Canadian government for the way they refused to help him and how they treated him. I’d love to hear Deepak Obhrai explain right about now why he couldn’t even look the guy in the eye to tell him he couldn’t come back to Canada.


8 comments to Sue ’em.

  • S

    Its astounding to me that anyone would say, oh, the liberals started it, rather than look at the situation and be profoundly ashamed of the Governments of Canada in their failure to protect, and indeed, with their failure, their endangering of this man’s life. The “he/she started it” excuse likely didn’t fly with your parents, did it?

  • slg

    Good enough to keep blaming Liberals? No, not in the least. You see, more info has come out since the Lib days – Harper’s had going toward 4 years of new info.

  • kwittet

    after reading this it makes a good arguement to stop all immigration from these countries. they want us to be more adaptable to there ways yet they bring there ways here also. Things like this have no place in Canada. Another good reason to stop immigration for now would be to help get naturalized Canadians back to work before immigrants.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @kwittet, umm what exactly would be “all these countries”? The Netherlands has an extremely large muslim population, Britain too. Does that mean we should ban immigration from these countries too? If Turkey joins the EU why don’t we just ban all immigration from Europe?
      Wait, we’ve got people in BC that could be considered from “all these countries”. Should we ban interprovincial migration just to prevent honour killings? Where do we stop? Do we ban all Chinese people because of their government’s policies? Do we ban all Sikhs because they have a ceremonial dagger (kirpan)?
      My background is Irish. The Irish have had a history of domestic and international terrorism via the IRA. Should we ban all Irish as obviously they come from “all these countries”?
      What about eastern Europeans? Look at the Balkans and think back to the early 1990s. I can remember many a Serbian and Croat in my community coming to conflict over what was happening there. Should we have banned them all? Maybe told them they came from one of “those countries”.
      With the exception of the first nations we all derive from immigrants. All of these countries have had elements of their culture that would be deemed unacceptible by someone’s standard. Should we have banned your ancestors? Maybe mine? After all when we’ve gotten rid of one unacceptible group maybe we should ban another.
      What happens when we have banned people from “all those countries”? Do we have trade problems? Do we find our diplomatic resources have become weakened because of our poor foresight? What’s next? Determining who is Canadian enough?

      As for the work for us naturalized Canadians. I didnt see any natural born Canadians busting down jobs for Boston Pizza in Alberta. Your ancestors needed a job when they got there and hopefully noone came out there door saying “stop taking our jobs and women foreigner”. We have an aging population and there just isnt enough of us to do the jobs.

      Man I hate arguments like yours.

      • Kursk

        @Jon Pertwee, If you can’t see the difference between the immigrants who came here looking for a better life, and the immigrants who now come looking to change the country to their liking, ways and customs, you are in for a world of hurt..

      • kwittet

        You are abosolutly right Jon. I fully understand and respect your point. All I am trying to say is that maybee we (meaning our immigration dept) should be more dilligent in whom we allow in here through tougher screening process’s. If there is any small indication that a person whom wishes to immigrate to our great country has even the slightest relation to anything or anyone involved in terrorist activities then they should not be allowed no matter what. I realize our population is aging and we do need immigrants to help us out but there could be other ways of bolstering our workforce through incentive programs. I am NOT racist. I just more and more feel like I am becoming a minority in my own country and everything that I grew up with that could be considered traditional here like the fact that it is now not fashionable anymore to say Merry Christmas because we may offend some other ethnic group or we cant have Halloween parties at schools now because of a handfull of students because it may offend their beliefs is wrong! They come here because they chose Canada as a better life for them. We didnt ask them to come here. You mentioned the kirpan. Yes it should be banned in public. I am not allowed to carry my machete out in public and I am an avid hunter. Hunting season is almost religious to some here but we are not allowed to carry our firearms down the street. Why are the rules bent and changed for some? I have read stories of western women being stoned in middle eastern countries for not having there faces covered as that is there tradition. If I was to move there I would expect to adhere to there rules and laws and not try to impose my beliefs on them yet that is what is happening here. Scott and I are cousins and he knows my parents well. My father is a DIE HARD Liberal and would never vote for any one else yet he agrees with my point here. I am not trying to be a shit disturber here but tradionally the liberal party caters more to the ethnic votes than the conservatives. Sometimes I wounder if this is why when the liberals are running the big show that I find that more of this happens. My comment on jobs I feel was ligitimate. There are so many Canadians out of work right now…my self included. I have a friend who works in Burlington who told me that this company he has been consulting for is only hiring new immigrants instead of people who are on un-employment insurance for the reason is that they have to fil a quota system with the government due to immigration policies. Should Canadians that are living here that are unemployed be given these jobs first? I would think so in my mind and I am sure others would think so too. That is the reason why immigration should be halted for the time being untill we get into better economic times. So if you want to call me small minded go for it. Just think while you are at work I am collecting your tax dollars to sit here and send resumes out(around 450 since late March) and ONE …ONE interview so far!!

  • Kursk

    Why don’t you ask Bill Graham or Pierre Pettigrew first?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Kursk, Obrhai was the one fingered by Abdelrazik as interrogating him. Bernier too. So you should ask the one’s being accused of dirty pool first.

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