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Comparing apples to oranges

A brief thought today on the debate in the US over what reforms their health care system should have:

While I think it’s great that CNN (and Rick Sanchez) are giving Canadian politicians like Ujjal Dosanjh face time on their network and a chance to refute Republican and conservative fear-mongering over the Canadian health care system that have popped up of late, no one seems to have mentioned or seems to realize that the health care reform and system that Obama is proposing – even with a “public option” included in it – is not even close to resembling the Canadian system

So, the next time a Canadian representative like Mr. Dosanjh gets on CNN, I hope he’ll point that out to the host questioning him with a subtle or not-so subtle follow-up similar to this:

“Rick, if those attacking President Obama’s proposed reforms are afraid of it because they think it will usher in Canadian-style healthcare, they have nothing to worry about, because Obama’s reforms – even with a public plan option- is nowhere near being the equivalent to our Canadian-style healthcare. If they want to debate whether Canadian-style healthcare is better or worse then the US system, I’m willing to do that, but I think trying to compare the Canadian healthcare system to Obama’s healthcare proposals are like comparing apples to oranges, and I think does a disservice to your nation’s people in this debate”

I’m sure Ussal can be much more articulate then me – but that’s the general idea I think should be followed.


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