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Despicable. Disgraceful.

That might be understating what the Conservative Government’s position was with regards to Abousfian Abdelrazik. This government was more then willing not to lift a finger for a Canadian citizen, if the Sudanese government decided to make Abdelrazik disappear, permanently.

I hate to think this statement over here is true…

If you leave the country and a foreign police force accuses you of something, you’d better hope that you are white and born in Canada or you’re going to be on your own. Because if you are Muslim or Muslim, born in Canada but your foreign-born father was a bad guy, or African, the Government of Canada is going to believe a foreign government over you and cooperate with them to make sure you can’t return to Canada.

..but every case like this and others such as we’ve seen makes it harder to think otherwise.


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