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The Ontario Government needs to have rebates for all green cars, not just one brand.

I’m going to have to take issue with Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario government for seeming to favour one car company over all others, where it comes to this new rebate to buy “green cars”. I’m pleased that McGuinty is doing this rebate, but he needs to do it for all companies and all brands of green cars, and not trying to favour one type of green car and one specific car company. This is what the government of Ontario seems to be doing, as this Toronto Star editorial points out:

Why, for instance, is the rebate just for electric cars that are recharged by plugging them into an outlet overnight? Why not for other “green” vehicles, such as hybrids that do not require plugging in or conventional cars that get high mileage? Toyota and Honda, which make cars of those descriptions, would like to know. And both these Japanese automakers have plants in Ontario. A Toyota executive was quoted saying that the $10,000 rebate seems aimed at “advancing a particular product and helping a particular company.” That’s a reference to General Motors, of which Ontario is now a minority owner.

I realize Ontario wants the “new GM” to succeed, and their bailout money they’ve lent GM to not go down into a black hole, but this appears to be a rather obvious display of favouritism toward this one car company. If you want Ontario to be a prime centre for producing “green cars” – a very good goal to have – you need to treat all the car producers the same and offer a rebate to all of them.


1 comment to The Ontario Government needs to have rebates for all green cars, not just one brand.

  • I want GM to fail, badly and spectacularly and totally.

    I will never buy one of their cars no matter what. I want nothing to do with these thieves and shisters.

    I’ll buy a “green” car that is the best quality and meets my needs. I don’t need the government shilling for GM to make me do it. This is a horrid waste of taxpayer’s dollars, for vehicles that no one wants without a bribe with their own money.

    Frack the stuff makes me angry. All of that and you still can’t buy and use a Zenn in Ontario – you know the road ready electric car made in Canada….

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