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Canadian government “targeting the hypersexualization of girls”

This is the government’s words, not mine. Courtesy of Susan Delacourt, here’s a couple of excerpts:

The Government of Canada is pleased to provide support to Regroupement des femmes de la région de Matane for its project, Et toi ton couple, ça clic? (So, Are You Clicking as a Couple?). This project aims to promote equitable, non-violent behaviour in the romantic relationships of adolescents by targeting the hypersexualization of girls as a root cause of dating violence. The Honourable *Helena Guergis*, Minister of State (Status of Women) made the announcement today…”Research shows that hypersexualization puts pressure on girls to engage prematurely in sexual activity and also promotes violence in intimate relationships,” said Ms. Marie-Laure Leymonie, Coordinator of the Regroupement des femmes de la région de Matane.

A rather unfortunate phrase and choice of words, and surely a mistake in wording and meaning,  I would think (and hope). Surely the Conservative government isn’t blaming women for dating violence? That’s what targeting “the hypersexualization of girls” sounds like to me; apparently the same with Susan Delacourt, whose title of her blogpost at the Star asks “It’s the girl’s fault?”


9 comments to Canadian government “targeting the hypersexualization of girls”

  • You guys are barking up the wrong tree. Do a little research before you jump on Delacourt’s spin and accept it as the unvarnished truth. There’s a cultural décalage which has resulted in an unfortunate misunderstanding of the intent and the implementation of the project funded.

    • Tim


      I am confused what is your point?

      • kwittet

        The point is obvious. You read into it what you want and are only willing to accept one view from a biased report. And then along comes the the Star..then Scott to again to try to make a moutain out of (from the reading I have done on this) a grain of sand.
        You must remember that these blogs take a story like this..pick through and find the best parts to support there personal views(meaning the views of the party they support and sensationalize the bad parts) and then try to pin the bad on Harper again.

  • That’s funny, as the father of a 10 year old girl, I thought it was MY job to teach my daughter about the danger’s of hypersexualizing girls, not the governments.

    This just another anti-sex, anti-sexuality social engineering scheme by the SoCon base.

    I fail to the problem that is trying to be solved, since sexual crimes against women and girls, and sexual activity among teens has been declining in recent years (McLean’s just had a cover story a few months back about it).

    Sounds to me like some prigs just don’t like teenagers dressing provocatively…just like my parents didn’t like the way my sister’s dressed or their parents didn’t like the way they dressed.

    Tim is right, this is a bone to the base and an attempt to change the channel from their economic incompetence…

  • Tim

    I read this with shock. Do they have no since of decency and morality at all.

    Give people hope, give people a future and they will be less inclined to throw their lives away. When there is no hope in the future, there is no point planning and preparing ourselves to make the most of the lives a head of us.

    I can not think of, Mulroney wasn’t near this bad, any government who has done more to take away our hope and short change our future than the present Conservatives. Harper has shown again he has no clue about public finance/economics with his STUPID tax statements, but Flaherty is no better. example 407

    This is in effect blaming sexy commercials. These people are idiots, but worst of all they actually believe what they are saying. This is wasting time with anything to take the spot light off their own stupidity.

  • Looking at the (admittedly poor translation of the) website for the program and information on the forum they reference, it appears that what they’re talking about is the hypersexualization of society. That the government would lay this exclusively on the girls in their language is very, very sad.

  • Translation: Horny chicks deserve deserve to be bitch slapped. (Excuse my language.)

  • Oh, did you notice we’re almost at less than 6000 days to climate change action from the Conservatives? Hardly any time at all left to wait.

  • I was HOPING when I read the title that the government was at least trying to educate people that buying tshirts that say “future porn star” for their 4 year old kid is not cute. But it sounds like the Conservatives in true ignorant form again.

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