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Comments so silly, they deserve a blogpost highlighting their silliness.

I’ve noticed sometimes that Markos at Daily Kos (the massive liberal Democratic supporting blog in the US) will post his most humourous hate mail for the week for everyone’s amusement. I’ve decided after getting these 2 gems from an obvious Conservative supporter in my comments section of the last blogpost to emulate that.

The first response to my nomination of Patrick Brown for worst MP in the House, but mentioning that Poilievre and Baird came in a strong 2nd and 3rd was this outburst (apparently the commentator is a big John Baird fan):

If you were a Conservative and John Baird was a Liberal and you badmouthed him like you do the gay community would be up in arms that you were “discriminating” against him because he is gay. But, because he is a gay Conservative cabinet minister and YOU are a Liberal you can bash him all you want. Think about the double standards we have in this country. It is scary.

That got immediately followed by this almost as hilarious PS:

OH, and also – because YOU are Liberal it is okay to bash conservatives who are Christians. Reverse that one or have a Conservative say something about a Liberal MP who just happens to be Muslim or Sikh and again you would scream racists!!!!But, Conservative Christians are fair game. Think about it.

When I stopped laughing at reading these, my response were as follows:

– People don’t bash Baird because of his sexual orientation (unlike conservatives, we Liberals and other progressives could care less what that is), we bash him because he’s outrageously partisan, and he did nothing on the Environment file while he was there. Other people can list other things.. but what his sexual orientation is has NOTHING to do with people taking issue with the way he acts in the House and as a cabinet minister.

– I’m a Christian who happens to be Liberal. I don’t bash Conservatives because they are Christian. I bash Conservatives because they are conservative, or who decide to try to mix their version of Christianity with politics and try to impose their views on the rest of the society.

I ended up nominating this person’s comments as some of the most ridiculous I’ve seen on my comment boards since I started blogging, but on further reflection, they could also be nominated for most unintended hilarious comments as well.

If this is the mindset of even a minority of Conservative supporters, they’re a lot more reality-averse then I thought.


11 comments to Comments so silly, they deserve a blogpost highlighting their silliness.

  • It’s rather amusing watching conservatives adopt the very strawman caricature of political correctness that they’ve railed against all these years. When was Baird’s sexual orientation ever part of the criticism?

  • Jen

    I feel a little better now that I’ve read the comments for this post — I had started to think that I was the only person in Canada who didn’t know that Baird was into guys! I knew that he was a useless prick, but I had no idea that he was gay. That said, I still think he’s a useless prick.

  • RayK

    Ruby Dhalla is Sikh, and I don’t remember anyone screaming racisms when she was on the hot seat, do you? Think it about. (LOL)

    • RayK

      Oops, no “s” on the end of “racism”.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @RayK, I remember seeing plenty of people posting in blogs about racism re: Ruby Dhalla; both liberal and conservative. Seeing as the issue of Baird that you are comparing it to is about a blog comment, and the comments about Dhalla were also made in blog comments, I’d say your point is moot.

        Really, RayK you can do better than that. (LOL)

  • slg

    Proof that you don’t have to be heterosexual to be a empty partisan asshole.

  • foottothefire

    First off there are few Conservatives in the present conservative party (least of all, Harper). The bulk are fundamentalist, narrow minded, fascist/authoritarians, immature, ill-informed and severely undereducated with a predilection for, “fluffing”, reality.
    Fourthly, they started it; “if you can’t stand the heat, don’t play in the kitchen”.

  • John Baird is Gay? Wow, simple WOW!!! Does this commentor has a source? A Gay john Baird,… now that just might bet me interested in Photoshopping again,…

    Angry Gay CPC MP Yells at cloud,… news at eleven

    Baird, the Angry, Raging Gay of Ottawa,…

  • John Baird is gay? You’re kidding. Who really cares? He is, however, an asshole… He’s also, quite obviously self-hating if he’s a member of THIS PARTICULAR Conservative movement…

  • Frank Frink

    Does ‘Lorraine’ know something we don’t know? I, for one, didn’t know Baird was officially, publicly out of the closet.

    Where’s our media on this topic? Why haven’t the blogs mentioned it? 😉

    Anyway, as Scott pointed out, his sexual orientation, whatever it may be, is completely irrelevant and unrelated to any criticism that he has received.

  • Joseph

    Baird is gay? That’s the first I’ve heard of that. Is he really?

    P.S. I still think he’s a clownish bully in parliament, and I’m gay. So what does that mean?

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