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My nomination for worst MP in the House of Commons

Lori is running a little contest over at her blog for who people think is the worst MP in the House of Commons.

My nomination could be any of a number of people in the Conservative caucus, and certainly Pierre Poilievre and John Baird would normally merit strong consideration for past performance, but based on most recent boneheadedness, I think my nomination will have to be Conservative Barrie MP Patrick Brown for these stupid comments.

UPDATE: Interesting blogpost over at James’s place. I’ll bet Patrick wasn’t claiming this fellow was a Liberal when he and Jason Kenny were chumming it up with him in this photograph. It’s only when this story broke that Patrick started flailing in the media that these folks weren’t really Conservatives, but this was a “Liberal takeover” by former Liberals who’d hijacked the Conservative riding association; therefore that means, according to Patrick’s convoluted logic, this story would hurt the Liberals more then the Conservatives. Like others, I’m not surprised by Conservatives being shameless in trying to paint opposition party members and personnel as immoral or soft on crime etc.., but I have to say even I think this attempt is breathtaking in it’s chutzpah by Brown.


16 comments to My nomination for worst MP in the House of Commons

  • Roy

    Taken from Disgruntled Liberal Female from her list of contenders for the worst MP.

    Maurice Vellacott – Saskatoon-Wanuskewin
    1. Attempted to raise funds for two Saskatoon police officers who left an aboriginal man on the outskirts of Saskatoon in the middle of winter with no winter clothes.
    2. Believes that homosexuals wrongly blame their problems on homophobia.
    3. Was one of the first MPs on the right to argue gays have the right to marry just like everybody else but have to marry somebody of the opposite sex.
    4. Wanted doctors and nurses to be able to refuse to perform abortions.
    5. Moaned and complained about the Governor General sending a letter of congratulations to the first legally married same-sex couple in Canada.
    6. Mailed out endorsements of Stockwell Day during the last Canadian Alliance leadership race from his constituency office.
    7. Said Belinda Stronach was prostituting herself when she crossed the floor.
    8. Passed an emergency vehicle with lights on, was charged and tried to argue that it wasn’t his fault. Story from the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

  • Wait?

    John Baird is gay?

  • Ted


    Without mentioning a single 10 second clip almost 10 years ago during the Stockwell Day year, please let us all know the Liberals have “bashed Christians”.

  • Lorraine

    OH, and also – because YOU are Liberal it is okay to bash conservatives who are Christians.

    Reverse that one or have a Conservative say something about a Liberal MP who just happens to be Muslim or Sikh and again you would scream racists!!!!

    But, Conservative Christians are fair game.

    Think about it.

    • @Lorraine, Point #2: I’m a Christian who happens to be Liberal. I don’t bash Conservatives because they are Christian. I bash Conservatives because they are conservative, or who decide to try to mix their version of Christianity with politics and try to impose their views on the rest of the society.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Scott Tribe, I’m nominating Lorraine’s comment as runner up to the most ridiculous thing posted on this thread. Next she is going to be accusing people of bashing because its a Conservative cat owner and not a Liberal cat owner.

  • Lorraine

    If you were a Conservative and John Baird was a Liberal and you badmouthed him like you do the gay community would be up in arms that you were “discriminating” against him because he is gay.

    But, because he is a gay Conservative cabinet minister and YOU are a Liberal you can bash him all you want.

    Think about the double standards we have in this country. It is scary.

    • @Lorraine, Speaking of nominations, I’m nominating your comment as one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard come from a Conservative supporter.

      People don’t bash Baird because of his sexual orientation (unlike conservatives, we Liberals and other progressives could care less what that is), we bash him because he’s outrageously partisan, and he did nothing on the Environment file while he was there.

      Other people can list other things.. but what his sexual orientation is has NOTHING to do with people taking issue with the way he acts in the House and as a cabinet minister.

  • Here here! Boot Paw-liver, as he bastardizes his own name, out!

    If the LPC was smart, they’d use clips of Poilievre in TV ads as ammo/intensives for soft Liberals to give $.

  • Dave

    I completely agree! I’ve always disliked Patrick Brown…this makes it worse

  • Big Winnie

    There were a few choice: Calandra, Del Mastro, Kenney, Kramp, Glover, Baird etc…

  • slg

    Boy some people ask tough multiple choice questions – the WHOLE Con caucus – they don’t do anything but one requirement – attack, hate, partisan shots at Liberals. They don’t have a real voice and they don’t have any guts and they don’t have any brains.

    Hard choices.

  • foottothefire

    No one, but no one tops my favorite bible school dropout; Jason Kenney.

  • Ottawagirl

    So many to choose from. But I think Poilievre has my vote too. I cringe every time he opens his mouth.

  • Ted


    Blame someone else, pass the buck. Even when no one is blaming him!

  • Big Winnie

    Thanks for the link Scott…Poilievre gets my vote

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