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Status quo in new Ekos poll.

So here’s your new weekly poll from Ekos:

National federal vote intention:
¤ 32.2% LPC
¤ 31.8% CPC
¤ 16.0% NDP
¤ 10.7% Green
¤ 9.3% BQ

A full provincial breakdown is at the Ekos link. Basically, the Liberals have a lead based on their improved stance in Ontario, and it’s your basic stalemate for the summer poll. basically. I will however note the last day of their tracking poll shows a spike for the Liberals; did Wafer-Gate affect that? 😉 Probably not, but it’s such a blase poll result, there’s not much else to talk about. Heck, even Ekos is forced to say that Ignatieff wooing Albertans isn’t working (no kidding). Maybe we can dispense with that attempt to soften our stance on the tar-sands (and at the same time ridiculously trying to link it to national unity – one area I’m at odds with Ignatieff over. It’s an environmental issue, NOT a national unity issue) and actually put forth a credible plan to clean them up.


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    I thought the spike in Ont of the Cons was a result of the publicity from the ONT PC leadership contest, and the return of the LIBERALS to their 40%+ range and lead in Ontario seems to bear out that hypothisis.
    Eric W

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