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Latest Ekos poll shows…?

An apparent national stalemate between the 2 largest parties, with the smaller parties gaining some ground:

LPC 32.2% (32.6% last week), CPC 31% (34.8%), NDP 16.2% (14.3), GPC 11.5% (9.3%),  BQ 9% (9%)

There have been some shifts here and there in regional areas (The Conservatives seem to have slumped back in Ontario and Quebec), but as the pollster says, nothing much is happening for any party:

Overall, however, the most striking pattern may be one of gridlock, in which neither major party can break through to become an obvious election favourite, much less a contender for a majority government. “One peculiar feature of the gridlock is that the Liberals and Conservatives seem to be competing for the same voters: upper middle class white men, for the most part,” Graves said. “If you leave aside regional patterns, which of course remain dramatic, the demographic profiles of a Liberal and Conservative voter are remarkably similar.”

That last line is interesting for the NDP politicos out there; they’ve claimed for awhile now (years, actually)  that the Liberals and Conservatives are essentially the same party – which I and other Liberals will dispute – but in at least one voter demographic, if you believe Ekos, a fair # of  Conservative and Liberal voters are essentially ideologically the same.

(H/T Kady O’Malley)


2 comments to Latest Ekos poll shows…?

  • Phil

    The Conservatives are polling higher in Toronto than in Ontario.

    • @Phil, I’m presuming “Toronto” as defined in the Ekos poll may also include the suburbs – where the Conservatives did pick up some seats last Sept – as opposed to just Metro Toronto proper. That said, they did drop in “Toronto” from last week as well.

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