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Liberal strategists, please take note; Harper isn’t serious about EI reform.

What do I base my title’s premise on? Check out one of the MP’s that Harper decided to appoint to the “Blue Ribbon” panel on Employment Insurance reform this fall – none other then his parliamentary secretary and worst smear-artist hack in the House of Commons, Pierre Poilievre.

I would think the panel will probably be behind closed doors, so Pierre may not pull as many histrionics due to the fact he can’t get them covered in the media as well as he might like, but in my opinion, with this appointment, Harper has no intention of putting forth anything concrete on the EI reform front. You don’t put a partisan hack like Pierre on a panel if you’re truly serious about getting anything substantial done.

With Pierre Poilievre on this EI Panel, that should be a red light to Liberals (and more importantly the Liberal advisers/strategists). It appears the Conservatives view this panel as not as a vehicle for substantial EI reform, but as a vehicle for more partisan games and positioning from the Conservatives.

UPDATE: Jeff tries to be more positive then me, thinking that perhaps because a senior civil servant got picked to the panel on Harper’s team, that perhaps he might be a good pick, but colour me skeptical that Harper picked anyone that might show even a tinge of independence from the official Conservative Party government position.


5 comments to Liberal strategists, please take note; Harper isn’t serious about EI reform.

  • zoop

    “Harper isn’t serious about EI reform.”

    Neither is the Liberal Party, otherwise we would be in an election by now. Or by the end of the year. Or whatever, the Liberals are just hiding behind the EI issue for their own protection.

    I note the usual hypocrisy on this site is if full swing in this article. Ignatieff had as much to do with the blue-ribbon panel as Harper, and Harper appointing Poilievre is no worse than Ignatieff appointing Marlene Jennings, what a hack.

    Who cares who they appoint, its purpose is to delay the election, not fix EI.

  • Stan

    Hang on a sec, didn’t Count Igula extract a promise from Harper to think about maybe discussing EI reform sometime in the future, maybe?

    Face it, your man is a dish rag.

  • Toe

    Please. As if the Liberals are anymore serious. That’s like saying the gov says unemployment rate is 10%, all agree, except it’s more like 20%, no politico will agree. Sheesh, get a new do-over eh. Walk the Talk.

  • Neither, it would seem, are Liberals serious about EI reform. If they had been, they wouldn’t have agreed to yet more TALK rather than actual REFORM.

  • Pierre does live in Nepean, maybe Harper just didn’t want to ruin the summer of one of his other MPs by forcing them to commute to the capital to talk about EI.

    I’d add that these talks aren’t going to be on TV, so there’s little need nor motivation for anyone to grandstand or act like a dick during the meetings.

    By all accounts, when the cameras aren’t around most MPs tend to behave like real people. Even Pierre.

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