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Jim Flaherty doesn’t take defeat well..

A funny story in the Star today (if true) about Jim Flaherty’s reaction to his wife Christine Elliott placing 3rd in the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race, won by Tim Hudak:

While Elliott coped well with defeat, her husband, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, appeared bitter during the crowded celebration at a downtown pub, astonishing Tories with his demeanour. Three sources told the Star that Flaherty told Tory MPP Ernie Hardeman (Oxford) to “f— off” because he hadn’t supported Elliott.

I’m no fan of Ernie’s, but Flaherty doesn’t know Ernie’s political ideology very well if he thought that Hardeman was going to support a “Red Tory” (or at least a more moderate Tory) in this leadership race. This incident highlight’s Mr. Flaherty’s temper he apparently has, which is not surprising if you’ve noticed how many times he goes red in the face with fury every time someone takes a poke at him in Question Period. It appears Flaherty has some anger issues, and is a bit of a sore loser to boot.

If this is his reaction to his wife finishing a distant 3rd, I won’t want to be be near him when his party loses power, or he, Heaven forbid, loses his seat (actually, scratch that, I wouldn’t mind being in the same room, just to see his reaction. I just wouldn’t want him to know I was cheering against him, to spare me hearing some nasty expletives coming my way).

(H/T Jim Bender)


3 comments to Jim Flaherty doesn’t take defeat well..

  • kwittet

    I read the Star article. Three sources but doesnt name them.Ok..they dont have to!!
    Then the link to Jim Bender? The guy who is the OXFORD marijuana party candidate and runs a sex shop in woodstock and sells drug paraphanalia?(spelling?
    Sorry Scott. You may think this post is good reading(and I suppose it is to Liberals who love sleaze and dirt) but your sources are questionable if not sleazy!
    IF (HUGE IF and I say that because of the sources) it is true then you are right. Flaherty is a poor loser.

  • Vaun

    This will signal another eight years of Fiberals since these fascist Neocon-Keynesian harrisite parasites always seem to surrounded by the usual actors in the “conservative” party.”Finance” minister Flipperty telling MPPS to F—-K Off for not supporting his wife…This coming from slime who put this country 50 Billion in debt and not a word where it was borrowed from or how it will be paid off!

  • Robin

    And we’ll be working very hard on the ground in Whitby-Oshawa to make sure he does lose that seat. During the next campaign, I’ll take any red-faced photos I can get, and share them with you.

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