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Glass half empty or half full?

I’m not sure whether this is good or not:

Former deputy prime minister John Manley will take over as the chief lobbyist for Canada’s blue-chip chief executives, starting in January of next year. Manley was named Thursday as the incoming CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, succeeding long-time head Thomas d’Aquino who is leaving after nearly two decades on the job.

Thomas D’Acquino was no particular favourite of mine, and installing Manley in here should theoretically make the group more “liberal”. However, Manley hasn’t exactly publicly done the  Liberal Party many favours recently. He also is a definite big business/corporate Liberal, which  is the reason why he’s been appointed to this post in the first place, so I’m sure he’ll try to be pushing issues important to this big business group to the government.

On the other hand, its unlikely now that he’s accepted this job that Harper will try and appoint him to any further task forces/commissions so he could expound views potentially at odds with Liberal Party policy, so I guess that’s the good news.

(H/T Jurist)


5 comments to Glass half empty or half full?

  • john

    The CCCE basically writes state policy in Canada, from free trade and the CHST to the Security and Prosperity Initiative and the war in Afghanistan — almost every major policy in Canada is pre-articulated by the CCCE.

    This was true during the Chretien and Martin years, as well as now under Harper.

    Manley has always been the ‘right’ guy for this job, seeing how he mingles seamlessly with the corporate, defence and state sectors.

    Manley will also play an important role in this position in shaping state policy under an Iggy government, as both guys seem to see eye to eye on many things (ie, both are pro-corporate, deep integration imperialists).

  • Didn’t Manley head up something to do with Afghanistan, Scott? If I remember correctly the Libs supported Harper’s extension of the mission – with Harper walking across the floor and giving Michael Iggy a big handshake for gratitude. Perhaps Manley and Iggy have lots more as fellow liberals in common too! Just wondering.

  • When is the last time John was a top liberal? Former, sure, but I haven’t heard nor seen him around or involved in the LPC in some time. I

    Personally I could care less who heads some business lobby group.

  • Mark

    If the members of the CCCE thought Manley would pull them towards being more “liberal,” then they wouldn’t have hired him.

    Furthermore, having a top Liberal insider being the chief lobbyist for a lobbying organization that’s already way to powerful… Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad…

    Yet another big reason why our country needs to strengthen our lobbyist transparency laws.

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