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Will Ottawa Citizen reporter Mike Blanchfield get arrested for breaching “national security”?

I ask that because he stumbled onto a Treasury Board website that lists the cost of the Afghanistan war to Canadians  over the next 2 years as being 1.35  BILLION $ higher then what was predicted by the Dept of Defence a year ago, and as you might remember, that very same Defence Dept refused to give out the figures for the costs, citing “national security” as its reasoning.

I’m being slightly tongue in cheek there on his being arrested.  I’m being slightly less tongue in cheek when I say I half expect the webmaster of the aforementioned Treasury Board website to be unemployed rather soon, for not remembering to take off that “national security” dollar figure for the costs of a war ( funded by the Canadian taxpayers)  off of a publicly read government website. The Harperites hate being accountable or being embarrassed. (and that’s the same reason you see them trying to muzzle the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer that they created. They always meant for that position to be a lapdog to them, not a watchdog).


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