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Some people appear to be a bit oversensitive.

I’ve noticed a few folks who appear to be a bit touchy to criticism, or just to simple questions. Here’s a couple of examples:

– I’m almost (almost, I must emphasize) tempted to get a Twitter account just so I can see what  Conservative MP Paul Calandra (for the riding of Markham-Oakridges) doesn’t want fellow Liberal/Progressive blogger Vijay Sappani to see on his Twitter feed that would cause Mr Calandra to block Vijay from accessing it. Vijay’s been rather vocal in his criticism of the Conservative’s relatively muted  response to the Sri Lanka conflict, so I wonder if it has to do with that, as Vijay suspects, or if Paul just doesn’t like known Liberal supporters  like Vijay accessing his Twitter feed and possibly replying to and challenging his propaganda on Twitter.

– John Wright, the senior vice-president of polling firm Ipsos-Reid, is 2nd on my list of rather touchy people. He’s been paying an unusual amount of attention to Paulitics, who’s posted some blogposts questioning whether Ipsos-Reid has some discrepancies in their numbers with other polling companies when they poll the Conservative and NDP parties. Paul hasn’t been posting  just declarations on this; he’s posted some statistics that are rather interesting, and asked some interesting questions.   John Wright, while I give him credit for at least reading blogs and getting on Paul’s blog to reply, doesnt get much marks from me on how he’s replied.  The answers drip with arrogance and condescension.

Finally, the Conservative government is again getting touchy over the mission in Afghanistan, trying to invoke ‘national security’ as the reason for refusing to divulge the actual costs for that mission for the present and upcoming year.


2 comments to Some people appear to be a bit oversensitive.

  • Indeed everyones a little bit touchy. Being found out for something really sucks.

    the Ontario Libs are a little bit touchy when it comes to their new Green Energy Act. Don’t ask about base-loading with natural gas, or the health effects of wind turbines, “you just hate progress. We want to be the darlings of the renewable revolution”

    It’s kind of sad, they all drank the Suzuki kool-aid.

  • Tim

    Replies? Ipsos-Reid usually just send in the lawyers when anyone DARES question their, um, ‘accuracy.’

    Had a very interesting conversation with Darryl Bricker once. Something about doing whatever the client says, but I forget, and I could be wrong, natch.

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