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Did I say it’s about time?

If not, then I will again, because it should be said over and over -  It’s about time:

The federal government said it will comply with a court order to bring Abousfian Abdelrazik home from Sudan even as fresh revelations emerged that Washington sought Canada’s help in building a criminal case against the Canadian citizen..Justice Russel Zinn ruled two weeks ago that the Sudanese-born man has a Charter right to enter Canada.  Zinn said the chain of events that left him stranded at the embassy, fearing further imprisonment at the hands of Sudanese authorities, made him “as much a victim of international terrorism as the innocent persons whose lives have been taken by recent barbaric acts of terrorists.” The judge said there is no evidence to conclude he has any connection to terrorism..

If the Conservative government is smart – a trait that doesn’t appear to be a common one in this bunch – they’ll start preparing a compensation package for him as they did for Maher Arar. If not, the first thing I’d be doing if I were Abousfian Abdelrazik is suing the Canadian government for wrongfully infringing on his Charter rights as a Canadian citizen.

As Thomas Walkom said today, hopefully that means Omar Khadr is next to be repatriated,  and the government should stop resisting his repatriation and cancel their appeal that they launched when they lost this case in court as well, where a Federal Court judge ordered the government to call on the US to repatriate him to here.  It’s unfortunate it’s taking the courts to force the government to do the right thing, but that’s what the courts are there for – to safeguard all Canadian’s rights.


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