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Thoughts on the Harper/Iggy EI reform deal.

My thoughts on this turn of events that got announced this AM:

– The Liberals do get an extra opposition day on the week of Sept 28th, which means they do get to bring the government down if they feel it is warranted. There is an extra accountability report that is due on Sept 28th prior to the optional extra non-confidence motion; in that report will be the government’s reports on its efforts to fight the deficit as well as progress on how much stimulus spending is actually out the door.

The key will be for me of course, is that the Liberals actually USE that extra opposition day trigger if it IS warranted.. otherwise we’re going to get into the same scenario as in the Dion days of talking tough, but not following through (whether that was Dion’s fault or his advisers or the caucus).

– With regards to the “Blue-Ribbon panel”, we do get to select 3 of the 6 members of this. That means we won’t have a stacked panel like we did with the Afghanistan one, but I will be extremely interested to see who Ignatieff appoints to it from the Liberals side. My first recommendation; don’t pick John Manley to be one of the panelists, and my second one is I’d like to see the “progressive” members of the Liberals (or the “liberal” wing of the Liberal Party) be on this panel.

I’d liked to have seen more results on the isotope issue to be quite frank, rather then a vague statement saying the Liberals would continue to press for results on this front. I don’t see anything in the Liberal press release that the isotope issue would be included in this extra progress report as an example, so I urge the LPC to press for that to be included in the fall.

Conclusion? Hopefully Liberals analysis to go this route, rather then “fight an election no one wanted” (which I find to be little reason to avoid an election, since Canadians NEVER want elections.. but that’s a different blogpost) , is the correct maneuver. This fella here, who has a reputation for knowing a thing or 2 about strategy, seems to like it.. so I guess we’ll wait and see.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jeff Jedras (A BC’er in Toronto), for writing in and saying according to Ignatieff, apparently our 3 Liberal panellists will be MPs Michael Savage and Marlene Jennings, and Liberal policy guy Kevin Chan.


20 comments to Thoughts on the Harper/Iggy EI reform deal.

  • Margaret

    sorry – my comment should have been directed at billg, for the “media needs its ass spanked”.

  • Margaret

    scott – I agree that it’s the media howling for confrontation that causes more trouble than it’s worth.

    They’re the ones who want an election more than anyone. They’re always looking for any kind of blood in order to sell newspapers and keep their jobs. Now more than at any time in history, more likely.

  • kwittet

    I am shocked those two idiots finally agreed to put their ego’s aside and play in the sandbox nice.
    How refreshing. Ok boys. How about a popsicle for each!

    I bet this is how the conversation really went though. Iggy leans over to Harp and says” do you want to work this summer and actually earn your salary”
    Harp says”HELL NO Its vacation time..lets make this look good so we can hit the links”
    IGGY” sounds great..see you at the first tee in a few weeks.thousand a hole right?
    Harp” you got you said last year..who gives a crap..its not our money”

    • Frank


      I’ve got to hand it to you, reading your thoughts and commentary above definitely made me think of idiots.

      • kwittet

        @Frank, Frank
        thanks..i think you are a idiot i know you are a liberal!!
        Does anyone think any of them really give shit about anything but their gold plated pensions?

      • @Frank, Same to you.. let’s try and keep it from getting into a mud-flinging contest.

        (Disclosure: Kevin is a cousin of mine – a very conservative one).

        • kwittet

          @Scott Tribe, Hey Scott. Ok. I promise i will keep it civil. I just have to fire back sometimes. And i will admitt i am very conservative on some issues but quite liberal on other wich makes me confused. I am not..A CONBOT however and for the most part I dont really think harper is doing a great job. I also dont think IGGy is a good leader also. We need better choices.

  • Liberals are patting themselves on the back for getting half of the seats on this panel, but if they had half an inkling of strategy they would have realized they just handed the Tories a veto on the issue. Insisting on representation similar to what is in parliament would have meant the Tories were outnumbered.

  • billg

    There is rayk when two party’s like the Bloc and the NDP use the issue’s to further their own political agenda’s. You cant take 15% of the popular vote and threaten election every 6 months and call yourself responsible.

  • RayK

    Which do you prefer “Probation II: Electric Boogaloo” or just “EPIC CAVE”?

  • Anonymous

    This comment has been deleted by the administrator of the site

  • billg

    I cant be called Liberal friendly, but, are we now expecting the opposition to vote “no” to everything? I hope the Con supporters realise that sooner or later the Conservatives will be in opposition and will either have to force an election or support a bill that they dont like. I’m not a fan of the way Ignatief handled this, but, are we to have elections every 6 months now? The media needs its ass spanked on this one. Mr Ignatief did what he is supposed to do and Mr Harper did what he is supposed to do….that leaves the two most irresponsible political party’s still playing games with Canadians because they know they are irrelevant, the Bloc and the Dippers. I could vote Iggy or Harpo right now, how could anyone think that after the past two weeks Jack Layton even cares any more?

    • RayK


      This is why there are coalitions in parliamentary democracies. You can’t expect centre-left parties to vote for centre-right policies. There’s nothing urprising–or irrelevant–about it.

  • Big Winnie

    In today’s press conference, was there any news on the the stimulus spending?

    • @Big Winnie, I didn’t see the press conference, so others who saw anything on this would have to comment. I can only report what came over the wire in the media release that the Liberals issued, which is The next accountability report must include the government’s deficit forecasts as well as progress on job-creating stimulus spending

  • Gayle

    Is there anything to prevent Harper from proroguing before the September session?

  • Michael

    Marlene Jennings, Michael Savage, and Kevin Chan.

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