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Ignatieff: Conditions for avoiding an election.

Basically, it appears Ignatieff wants EI changes AND more details on stimulus AND details on how to get out of deficit AND action on the medical isotope shortage.

On the surface, those appear to me to be tough conditions, and ones the Harper government surely won’t or can’t meet.  If that’s the case, then there may be a summer election after all, but the ball is back in Harper and the Conservative’s court.

UPDATE @ 2:48 pm: Interesting takes on Iggy’s positioning by Paul Wells and Rob Silver.


22 comments to Ignatieff: Conditions for avoiding an election.

  • Marie

    KC,Why did none of you con supporters question Harper when he called an election after breaking his own 4 year plan? Did you ever question that or are you accepting everything he is doing without any consideration on his promises? How can anyone trust this control freak and still give this man their support? Harper is not telling anyone anything and hell bent on his attack ads. He is continuelly in campaign mode and if the polls were in his favor, he would be running to the GG to ask for another election. This man Has no vision, no plan for getting Canada out of this recession we are in. His only plans are the ones he makes up when it suits him. I have no respeck for this liar at all. He is afraid right now to face the voters. Coward that he is.

    • @Marie, Unless I’ve missed KC declaring otherwise, he’s not a Cons supporter – just an ex-Liberal disgruntled with Iggy.

      • KC

        @Scott Tribe, Scott is correct. No love for Harper here. But no love for Iggy either. As far as I can tell he has no vision or plans for getting out of the recession. After the vote on C-15 last week I don’t see much difference between the two parties. To me the ideal scenario is a reduced Liberal and Conservative Party in the next election (unfortunatly I realize the former at least is unlikely), and a new, more progressive Liberal leader.

        • kwittet

          @KC, Hey Scott. Sounds like me. A conservative supporter yes but not really a fan of Harper anymore. I just wish some of your faithfull would realize that but hey..i have thick skin and it is funny at times the rotten tomatoes that are thrown at me. Some of you must realise that 99 percent of the population dont follow politics closely enough to really know what happens in the trenches so when they hear something sensationalistic on the news or radio it may catch thier attention for a few minutes and stick with them. You may hate CTV and I have no use for the POST or CBC but there is NOT ONE news media out there that repots things in a unbiased and fair way. So I take a lot of things with a grain of salt because my knowledge is limited on the finer details of politics. What I do have though is my own set of beliefs that guide me. One of the best ones is. THERE IS NO Grey areas. It is black or white. I will use this post as an example. One of the points was spending to get us out of recession. My belief is that we could spend trillions and yes it would help but it has to be paid back so we are helping in the short term but suffering in the long run so why? Record high taxes to pay down debt later on wil spin us right back into another recession and then what? Spend again? Vicious circle. To me that is black and white.
          My idea is instead of bailing out these large companies take the credit system and wipe it clean. Everyone starts out fresh with a clean record and if they have jobs they will be able to borrow and they will spend and the economy rolls again. SLash taxes. Taxes are the biggest burden on a free market society. There is so much waste ou there in various programs that there is no way that The cons or libs or anyone can get a handle on it.Welfare is my biggest beef because of where i used to live. So many people who could and can work but stay on the system because of cheap rent..and work under the table yet when you report them the workers call and ask if it is true..they say no and thats the end of it. It sickens me and it should all of you that this is allowed.
          WOW…did i ever get off topic.
          Look. I dont like Harper even though i am a conservative. Do we really need to spend 300 plus million in the middle of a recession? I would hope that those two a-holes can dig there egos out of the arses long enough to work together for a bit then when the economy is better then duke it out for the top job.
          No party in the Commons wants an election. The Conservatives are declining in the polls, the Liberals are cash-strapped, the NDP are trying to regain ground they’ve lost since last fall and the Bloc Quebecois are also on shifting ground in their home province.

          The public doesn’t want one either. A Harris-Decima poll Monday pegged the number at 78 per cent opposed.

          Lets hope cooler heads prevail.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    The demands *force* the national press to focus on Mr. Harper’s answers. As they stand, Mr. Harpers’s answers are fabrictions. Mr. Harper has to change course or be exposed.

    Cheers, Eugene Parks

    • J.P.

      @Walkswithcoffee, So you admit then that Ignatieff’s “actions” today have nothing to do with what’s best for the country, but purely what’s best for Ignatieff? Harper gave answers, 240+ pages of them just a few days ago. If Ignatieff doesn’t like them, he can vote against them.

      • Walkswithcoffee

        @J.P., The best interest of Canadians are served by real answers, not the fabrications that Mr. Harper has proved. Mr. Harper is being called to account for incompetence and fabrication. The national media is now focused on Mr. Harper’s fabrication. Will Mr. Harper change course or face the voters?

  • wilson

    What demands ‘or else’ did he make?

    PMSH to tell what EI changes he will make, but it’s ok if there is a reason that the changes can’t be make before the fall…
    PMSH gets to repeat what isotope alternatives are now in place, and how the shortage has been managed with alternates and clinics schedualling patients to match the isotope supplies….
    PMSH gets to read from the report how 80% of the stimulus is now somewhere in the system, and how the money has been allocated 10X faster than any government has ever done.
    PMSH gets to again brag about how Canada’s deficit is the smallest in relation to gdp,
    how the Liberals supported the spending and want to spend more, and how getting out of deficit will be the next goal of the government, details to follow.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    If Harper responds like his blogging tories here, the voters will give him a thumping.

    • KC

      @Walkswithcoffee, Good job WWC. Don’t respond by saying what the Liberals would do about the deficit or the isotope crisis. Don’t explain why the EI changes that Ignatieff is proposing are timely, sound and/or just policy. Just accuse people of being Blogging Tories and declare the discussion over.

      • Walkswithcoffee

        @KC, Mr. Harper is on probation. He now has a choice, A) continue to fabricate, or B) change course.

        • KC

          @Walkswithcoffee, Those are nice rhetorical Liberal talking points but they avoid the point: What does Mr. Ignatieff propose be done about the isotope shortage and the defifict? How does lowering and standardizing the EI eligibility threshold help the people who lost their jobs in the recession?

          Its all nice and good to put someone on probation but if the Liberals want to become the government they need a plan of their own.

        • Walkswithcoffee

          During an election the issue will be Mr. Harper’s management versus the alternative. In the present, the issue is Mr. Harper’s probation.

          Last election, the voters gave Mr. Harper a probationary government. At this moment, Harper-conservatives’ fabrications and incompetence are sufficient reasons to revoke Mr. Harper’s probation.

          Cheers, Eugene Parks

  • KC

    I’m curious how Iggy justifies having an election right now.

    Does a disagreement over lowering the number of weeks for EI eligibility REALLY justify an expensive election in the middle of a recession less than a year after the last election? The most urgent and important EI changes that needed to be made in the context of a recession (ie extending the benefits period) have been made. How does lowering the eligibility requirement really help people who are losing their jobs in the recession?

    And what is Ignatieff’s proposal to alleviate the isotope crisis? I havent heard a thing. What is Ignatieff’s proposal to get us out of deficit? Again I havent heard a thing.

    This is bluster and brinksmanship, nothing more. After seeing how the Liberals behaved with respect to C-15 I dont see how a new Ignatieff government would change anything. Conservative or Conservative-“lite”. All the same.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Harper-conservative answer from J.P.:

    information = irresponsbile

    No wonder last fall’s Harper-budget estimates were off by $200 billion.

    Cheers, Eugene Parks

    • J.P.

      @Walkswithcoffee, Iggy asked for reports. He got a report. Now he wants more reports on the report? Give me a break. If Iggy is just interested in playing games he can come over and play Euchre at my place anytime.

      • Walkswithcoffee

        @J.P., Canadians deserve real answers but received fabrications from Mr. Harper. Mr. Ignatieff has demanded real answers, a change in course, or face the voters.

  • J.P.

    So instead of acting responsibly Iggy is playing political games so he can get his election and become PM?

    Never mind that it will shut off the stimulus our economy needs. Never mind that it will cost jobs. All that matters for Michael Ignatieff is whatever is best for Michael Ignatieff.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    If Mr. Harper responds like “Frank”, which would be just like Mr. Harper, then election is on. Bullying bable-gook isn’t going to cut it.

    Cheers, Eugene Parks

  • Frank

    “Basically, it appears Ignatieff wants EI changes AND more details on stimulus AND details on how to get out of deficit AND action on the medical isotope shortage.”

    And of course, Mr. Ignatieff has a magic wand which he will wave around and solve all of Canada’s problems! Money will begin to rain from the skies, the unemployed will run around with buckets to catch it, and to add to the utopia, isotopes will start bubbling out of his arse in magic dancing lines floating towards all the hospitals and research labs in the land.

    This is why the LPC can no longer be taken seriously, they are absolutely nonobjective and uncritical of their own leadership. Visit a conservative blog, they are (not always, but often) weighing their own parties messages and leadership, debating it’s policies, plans, and leadership. The LPC blogs, like this, on the other hand are totally unrealistic and buy into all of the party pronouncements regardless of how sensational they are, and the fact that otherwise seemingly intelligent people (like you) play into the LPC fantasy world is nothing short of bizarre.

    There will be no election because this is an act, an illusion for your entertainment, to keep you staring at the stage and hypnotize you to chant mindless anti-evil-Harper messages in your now almost hypnotic, reality defying, mental state. Someone is toying with your minds … snap out of it!

    On a brighter note, it sure is nice out today.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Responsible thinking and demands. Good on Mr. Ignatieff.

    Cheers, Eugene Parks

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