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CON talking point – “Lots of Jobs!” (We just won’t give you a figure).

This must be the new talking point that the Conservatives have been instructed to parrot out to the media by the Conservative strategists after the propaganda performance masquerading as an economic update  put out by Prime Minister Harper and Senator Mike Duffy yesterday – highlighted by Pierre Poilievre in his best imitation of a parrot I’ve seen yet:

Question: Okay.  How many jobs have been created to date?

Pierre Poilievre: Lots of jobs.  Lots of jobs.

Question: Be specific.

Pierre Poilievre: I’ll be specific.

Question: Okay.

Pierre Poilievre: We’re building roads, bridges, hockey arenas, other construction projects all of which create jobs.  We’re lowering taxes so that people can spend and invest in the economy to create even more jobs.  So the answer to your question is lots of jobs.  Thanks.

Question: The Prime Minister said 80 percent of the projects are underway.  How many jobs?  Give me a number.

Pierre Poilievre: Lots of jobs.

Question: Give me a number.

Pierre Poilievre: Lots of jobs.

Question: That’s not an answer.

Of course it isn’t an answer. Good on the reporter being persistent.. but if they expect a straight answer from this bunch, and Poilievre in particular – they’ll be waiting awhile.

(If it isn’t obvious by the way, I’m all for bringing down the Conservative government on a non-confidence vote – they have shown themselves utterly incapable of handling this economic recession.. and the incompetence and cynicism displayed over the Chalk River isotope crisis has been bad, even for this bunch. Check out Jeff’s reasoning for also supporting this move, as well as Warren’s Top 10 reasons why he’d bring the government down now as well).


24 comments to CON talking point – “Lots of Jobs!” (We just won’t give you a figure).

  • ridenrain

    Don’t forget to get all those little home improvements stared because the tax break on those is another of this governments little stimulus plans.

  • kwittet

    Its funny how the posts that come to my hotmail account are different than what i read here. Editing points of view? I better just stick inteligent conversations.

  • kwittet

    The Labour Force Survey (LFS) estimates are based on a sample, and are therefore subject to sampling variability. Estimates for smaller geographic areas or industries will have more variability. For an explanation of sampling variability of estimates, and how to use standard errors to assess this variability, consult the “Data quality” section of the publication Labour Force Information (71-001-X, free).

    Changes in average hourly wages are affected by shifts in the composition of the Canadian labour force. For example, a drop in employment in low-wage occupations or industries will contribute to an increase in the national average hourly wage.

    So this IDIOT reporter who is obviously a liberal and this blog want number yet i copied this from stats can and it says it is a sample do you expect a number. Is duff decieving or trying to dodge? I think so myself. Liberal metality. Smear when you anything to make the others look bad and last but not least dont confuse the issues with facts.

    Lets face it. No amount of spending by any government is going to end this recession. This infrastructure spending is just feel good spending forced upon us by the oppostion parties trying to bring down the conservatives who are trying to desperatly hang onto power. Your looney left buddy down south has spent 12 TRILLION dollars and has accomplished FUCK ALL except to make sure that they will never get out of debt and will pay higher taxes for the next 1000 years. You slam Bush..yes he did alot of stupid things and said some real boneheaded things but in 8 years he spent 8 trillion..Obama has spent 12 trillion in less than 6 months and has infringed on the rights of everyone in the country to try to spend his way out of this mess. He is Bob Rae 10,000 times over.

    • Gene Rayburn

      @kwittet, despite your wordiness and talking point supplied haughtiness and bluster, it is still an unacceptable explanation for “lots of jobs”.

      Idiot reporter for asking questions? Uh yeah, just because he isn’t fellating your boys huh?

      Bush spent 8 billion but left a legacy that will cost a lot more. Then again you conbots don’t like facts… or accurate spelling for that matter. What is metality btw?

    • Ottlib


      When someone says “lots” it is usually a logical question to ask for specifics, whether you are talking about jobs or jelly beans.

      So to blame the reporter for asking a logical question is just silly. You should be blaming the Conservative brain trust for sending their MPs out their with responses that will generate those logical follow-up questions.

      • kwittet

        @Ottlib, Hey…fair enough one 1 point. The reporter is just doing his job. I recant my point about him being an idiot. And the minister should have been more prepared.You guys attack a few points and then toss out the wingnut and conbot insults. Dont worry though I am not at all offended because you are liberals and thats what you do. You dodge the issues and throw out useless comments to avoid. The thing that is missing here is what is Iggys solution for solving this. I already said I dont think that any amount of spending can fix this recession but have yet to read anywhere in the press how Iggy is going to do it?

        • Gene Rayburn

          So rich to hear Kwittet talking about dodging the issues then resorting to attacks. So ironic. Are you getting the pot or kettle fitted to wear on your head in your new glass house Kwittet?

  • Lorraine

    I found this source – as at June 5th. So, if the stimulus funds can’t begin to actually flow until after the June 19th vote on budget estimates but the funds have been allocated I would think that the current employment figures are WITHOUT stimulus funds – just maybe based on gearing up to receive them?

  • Ottlib


    Statistics Canada conducts the Labour Force Survey during the third week of the month, 12 months a year.

    They publish the results on the first Friday of the next month.

    For about 9 months it has been telling us that the Canadian economy has been losing more jobs than it has been creating, to the tune of over a half-million since last summer.

    That is why they are unwilling to actually put a number on it because they know that on July 3 they will again be shown to be liars.

  • Ottawagirl

    Polievre is embarrassing. All he knows how to do is memorize talking points. He reminds me of the goof in high school who walked into exams with notes written on his hands because he doesn’t know what questions will be thrown at him. I guess he forgot to write on his hands again.

  • Lorraine

    Just curious – how exactly would a federal government know how many jobs are created locally or provincially?

    They know jobless rates only by numbers of people who apply for EI.

    Is there some kind of measuring device for how many are employed? When my son'[s company has just hired 4 new electricians because of the new funding for wireless projects where would those 4 jobs be tallied?

    • kwittet

      @Lorraine, Dont you know Lorraine..if the fiberals were in power canada would not be in a recession ..our unemployment rate would be zero everything would be perfect.

      • Gene Rayburn

        @kwittet, well that beats incompetence on a national level, selling off the silverware to hide your screwups, classifying anything that will cause you embarrassment as secret and generally being bully fuckups for the country to see. Yes I know you had the rose coloured glasses of sarcasm on but come on Kwittet, dont you think I had a far easier time just rhyming off those notable screwups from your Blue overlords?

  • jonzo

    You should have heard Gary Goodyear on the Jeff Allan show on NewsTalk 570 in Kitchener today. Every other word out of his mouth was “lots of jobs”. Never a specific number of jobs, just “lots of jobs”. By the way the conversation went, it seemed like any road or construction site being worked on can is thanks to the CONs. Pathetic.

    • kwittet

      @jonzo, whats pathetic? I guess it must be the federal liberals getting the money out for these jobs…whine whine..thats pathetic

      • Gene Rayburn

        @kwittet, are you on crack or do you just want your beloved tories to go back to what they do best? Being the opposition.

        • kwittet

          @Gene Rayburn, and the liberals are better? tax tax..spend spend..dont throw the shit out about balanced budjets that they did by downloading..anyone could do that.

        • Gene Rayburn

          Wow you sound bitter Kwittet. Is it because of your poor spelling skills? Now could you come up with an answer that even a primary grade school teacher could say is suitable?

          Then again I guess not having a government that is able to balance its books since Sir Robert Borden is an achievement of sorts, although not one to be proud of.

  • Lorraine

    My neighbour is trying to book a contractor to pour his driveway and another to do some roof repair to take advantage of the home reno tax credit.

    The contractors around here are so busy they are booking into September. Another friend has already waited two months for delivery of a tankless hot water heater and they are so busy they are on back order.
    Many smaller contractors are crying for workers – and paying good money. So that is a sector that is doing well.
    Lots of new home building starts as well and real estate prices are going up again.
    So let’s see what happens over the next few months.

  • Phillip Huggan

    I’ll offer a helpful hint to Conservatives mainly because Keynesians stats will be useful for future generations, which really means later on this generation with USA derivatives bailout and unregulation:
    1) Count the payrolls or make future handouts contingent on providing this figure (bean counting creates a couple more jobs). OR
    2) If this is illegal, count the number of cars at the construction sites and survey car-pooling/transit behaviour. OR
    3) Estimate based on past similiar projects.

    Will provide a lower bounds and creative supply chain estimates can be used to politically jack up the figure.

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