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Odd comment..

In brief, I find it rather interesting that Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, who Harper and his officials have spent some political capital on in defending her from calls of resignation (and refusing her resignation in the lost binders flap a week ago), is all of a sudden getting dissed by anonymous officials from the government. Perhaps the folks in the PMO are reconsidering their defence of Raitt; as Buckets asks at his site, what else is on those tapes – a critique of Stephen Harper, perhaps?


9 comments to Odd comment..

  • I love that “underbussed” is a verb now. Heh.

    (wait – or is it an adverb?)

  • foottothefire

    I’ve said from day 1, Harperites eat their own.
    These are not Conservatives; abominations from hell sure, but neither conservatives or Conservatives.

  • Not sure if others have noticed this in Parliament, but when Raitt is up her colleagues look less than enthused.

    Jane Taber reported that on Tuesday during QP, Raitt’s colleagues gave her a standing ovation after one question she answered. Noticeably NOT standing: Steve.

    I also caught a clip of Steve’s presser yesterday when he stated that he couldn’t blame the Liberals for the situation (yes, he said that) but Raitt continues to go after Goodale in QP. So, either Steve is letting her do the blaming for him (which is odd because he’s never been shy about blaming the Libs for anything) or she’s doing it without his permission. Considering what a control freak he is about the Cons’ collective message, one has to wonder what’s really going on.

    I’d also add that watching the tag team show she and [insert correct spelling of the health minister’s name here] are putting on during QP, the one thing that’s clear is that neither one of these ministers – under constant questioning from the opposition – is providing anything resembling clarity on the isotope issue. They’re stuck with their talking points and are doing a very poor job of reassuring anyone (beyond Con party die hards) about how the situation is being resolved.

    If the opposition parties were smart, they’d put out fact sheets for the public about the reality of the isotope issue, its impact and how to resolve it. (Or maybe they have and I missed it – quite possible).

  • I almost feel sorry for her… but then I remember I want to see her nailed to the table.

  • Big Winnie

    I agree with your assessment SteveV. One other thing I noticed is that she had dark circles under her eyes and looked like someone who really didn’t want to be there.

  • Not sure if others have noticed this in Parliament, but when Raitt is up her colleagues look less than enthused.

  • Tim

    Always figured they would dump her tomorrow (Friday) to avoid the publicity.

  • Joseph

    Wow. Hadn’t read or seen the news today until just now. Seems they are throwing her under the bus now. Apparently the apology didn’t play well either, and it probably has them all in a bind. I’m not even sure they know what else may come out on the tapes. She may not even know at this point, and clearly she was blathering on about anything that crossed her circuits.

    Maybe criticisms of Harper will be the final straw, but I imagine that would already be out if it existed.

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