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Magna 2 and Raitt-gate’s effect on polling.

I call this little staged presentation being done today Magna 2:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to present a rosy picture of his Conservative government’s handling of the recession Thursday in a slick made-for-TV presentation designed to forestall a quick summer election…The presentation will be moderated by Senator Mike Duffy, a former television journalist, and feature Harper, flanked by Human Resources Minister Diane Finley and Gary Goodyear, the local MP and Minister of State for Science. It will include a staged interview segment between Harper and Duffy.

I call it Magna 2 because it’s very eerily similar to what the Ontario Conservative government did in 2003 when it decided to release its budget at Magna Corporation rather then in the legislature. That didn’t work out too well, and I’m rather skeptical this will. Mike Duffy will, however, be in his element, since he’s been lobbing softballs at Conservatives on his former show for years, and this won’t be anything different then he did on his show.

The other thing that caught my eye this AM was some polling news that Jeff mentioned this AM. Not so much the current numbers (which again show the Liberal lead incrementally widening nationally), but this interesting snippet from the Ekos pollster:

As EKOS was conducting the current poll, the company noticed a rise in Liberal support in the last three days of polling, with the Liberals taking an eight-point advantage. The timing coincides with the release of audiotapes on which Natural Resource Minister Lisa Raitt is overheard calling the isotope crisis “sexy.”

As Jeff says, this specific issue probably won’t stick in voters mind outside of Lisa Raitt’s riding as a longterm thing, but the general theme overall of how incompetent the Conservatives have been with the isotopes/Chalk River file will. I will also add something else that will stick long-term; the definite lack of empathy they seem to have for cancer patients with this shortage.

Harper’s remarks, which can be summarized as either “we’re going to sell this anyhow and get out of the isotope business, so this shortage doesn’t matter” or “it’s turning into a big political headache for us, so we’ll just wash our hands of it” isn’t probably too comforting to thousands of cancer patients and their families waiting to find out how they’re going to get treated.


6 comments to Magna 2 and Raitt-gate’s effect on polling.

  • Big Winnie

    More smoke and mirrors from the government. As others havc noted, what are the REAL numbers? Also, more veiled threats regarding an election and he wants Canadians to believe/trust him and his lackeys? I think not!!

  • I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the next campaign here in Halton.

  • Big Winnie

    How much is today’s farce going to cost Canadian taxpayers?

  • Tim

    And it’s obvious that the Cons haven’t taken into account that this informercial with the Puffster will likely be remixed with some of his older video, say the Dion incident from last year, among others. Gritgirl and others will probably be very busy today!

  • Tim

    You do remember, of course, the reason for Magna 1 was because Ecker knew the numbers were fudged and she would have faced serious problems lying to the legislature…

    • @Tim, I said it was similar to Magna 1, not the same :). Both are the same in the fact they are/were propaganda efforts directed at the public trying to skip the elected legislature.

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