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Conservative overnight polling must have been lousy on “sexy isotopes” (Raitt apologizes).

A day after refusing to give an apology in the House during Question Period to cancer patients and groups for her saying that the isotope shortage for cancer patients was “sexy”, suddenly we get an apology from a contrite looking Raitt today:

“Today I personally want to communicate my deep regret for wording I used in a private discussion earlier this year, which was inadvertently recorded,” Ms. Raitt told a hastily arranged news conference on Parliament Hill…Cancer patients have widely been quoted in the news media as denouncing her words. “I want to offer a clear apology to anyone who has been affected by what I have said,” she told reporters.

I’m bolding that part for obvious reasons; I think the Conservatives were getting public and private flack from the public and the media, and decided they better throw Raitt out there for a belated mea culpa;

until her remarks triggered a wave of anger, the federal minister at the centre of a cancer treatment storm offered no apology to the Commons. Prime Minister Stephen Harper made clear in the Commons yesterday he did not expect her to express any regret. Instead, Harper defended his natural resources minister against criticism from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff… Liberal critic Carolyn Bennett said she appreciated the apology, but said the medical isotope crisis still requires a change of ministers. “Minister Raitt has been incompetent up to now” in getting an alternative supply of isotopes.

I agree with Ms. Bennett; Raitt still should be fired or resign; a belated apology given under public pressure after initially refusing to do so yesterday when given multiple opportunities to do so is not good enough.

UPDATE @ 2:06 pm: And as it just so happens, we do have a poll out today:

A new poll suggests that Conservative support has been eroding in a vital Ontario battleground targeted by all three federalist parties. The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicates the lead the Conservatives enjoyed in the 905 area code of southern Ontario during the last campaign has vanished and the Liberals enjoy a substantial advance in the region. On a national basis, voter intentions give the Liberals 35 per cent, the Conservatives 31, the NDP 15, the Bloc nine and the Greens eight. Across Ontario, where the margin of error is higher, the Liberals have a double-digit edge over the Conservatives.

A 4 point national lead that has a Liberal double-digit lead in Ontario (and I’m presuming showing the Conservatives still sucking in Quebec with the Liberals and BQ neck and neck) is bad news for the Conservatives. With this poll survey ending just before the tape furore involving Raitt, my title of this blogpost may in fact not be so far from the truth of why we’re getting an apology from Raitt today, when Harper and her steadfastly refused to offer one yesterday.


4 comments to Conservative overnight polling must have been lousy on “sexy isotopes” (Raitt apologizes).

  • I wish she’d told the media to fuck off, that would have been better.

  • Tim

    It also seemed to be one of those manipulative “I’m sorry you’ve been offended” non-apology apologies.

    Not to mention the crocodile tears. Hey Lisa, I’ve lost family members to cancer too. Take Baird’s advice and f-off.

  • Ted

    It is not the growing national lead or even the growing Ontario lead that has panicked the Conservatives and pushed Raitt to do the right thing here.

    It is the Conservatives’ lead in the 905 that has evaporated.

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