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Congrats to the Nova Scotia NDP (and to the Nova Scotia Liberals)

While we wait to see whether Lisa Raitt has any more critiques of her fellow ministers on tape (and 1 rumour says she also assessed Prime Minister Harper, which ought to be interesting if true), and/or Ms. Raitt decides to have the class and dignity to apologize to cancer patients everywhere for her believing the lack of isotope crisis is “sexy” (which should be a bare minimum for her – quite frankly, she’s brought her department into disrepute and needs to go), I just wanted to offer my congratulations to Darrell Dexter and the Nova Scotia NDP for becoming the first NDP party in the Maritimes to win election to government – and a majority one at that. While they aren’t my party of choice, they at the very least rob the Harper government of a former provincial Conservative ally.

I also want to congratulate the Nova Scotia Liberal Party and its leader Stephen McNeil for becoming the Official Opposition party in the province. They’ve had some lean years there of late, but hopefully this is the start of a turnaround for them in terms of increasing their seat total and looking to present a credible alternative to the NDP.


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