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Apparently, pointing out a minister’s inappropriate statements is “cheap politics”.

That’s what Stephen Harper wants you all to know of what he thinks about Lisa Raitt’s “the isotope crisis, cancer, etc.. is sexy” remarks. Ignatieff comes back with the appropriate retort that the only cheap politics at play is a minister viewing a health crisis as an opportunity for career advancement.

Meanwhile, if we see more of this getting into newspapers detailing outraged cancer survivors and patients, Harper won’t be able to defend his gaffe-prone Natural Resources Minister for long – she herself will become too radioactive even for him:

Cancer survivors and their supporters say they’re astounded Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt would describe the shortage of isotopes used in cancer tests as a “sexy” issue. They are demanding she either resign – or be fired – for making what they describe as a cold, selfish political calculation that involves people who are suffering. “How could she?” hissed Geraldine Owen, 67, of Moncton, N.B., whose daughter-in-law has just began breast cancer treatment. In a tape of a private conversation between Raitt and an aide, the minister says the isotope issue is hard to control, “because it’s confusing to a lot of people.” She then adds: “But it’s sexy … Radioactive leaks. Cancer.” … Regardless of whether it was a private conversation, Owen said it’s clear Raitt was putting her “own power and ego above her compassion and humanity.”

So far, Raitt can’t even be classy enough to apologize for her remarks – not yet anyhow.

UPDATE @ 5:58 pm: And here’s one result of those ‘sexy isotopes’ not being available:

Smaller hospitals in Canada could start cancelling diagnostic scans for cancer as early as Wednesday because of the shortage of medical isotopes, experts say. Some Quebec hospitals are likely to cancel some scans on Wednesday, said Dr. Francois Lamoureux, head of Quebec’s Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists. “What is going on at the moment at the federal level is incredible,” said Lamoureux. “I’m saying it’s not a political crisis. It’s a medical crisis.”

There is a marked reduction in availability of medical isotopes this Thursday and Friday, where the shipments that we were hoping would be coming in from South Africa and the Netherlands will not be arriving,” said Dr. Christopher O’Brien, head of the Ontario Association of Nuclear Medicine. “For some of our smaller hospitals, there will be absolutely no medical isotope availability Thursday and Friday of this week.”

But hey, this crisis is all pretty sexy, right Minister Raitt?


6 comments to Apparently, pointing out a minister’s inappropriate statements is “cheap politics”.

  • Hey, ferrethouse, would that be the economy that is spiralling under the horrendous spending increases and tax cut regime the Conservatives have embarked upon since getting office? Would that be the one that had a $10 billion deficit during the last election but lied about it?

    Yeah, lets talk about the economy and how the CPC is creating the biggest deficit in Canadian history. Let talk about how they raised spending 8% above that of Paul Martin beholden to Jack friggin Layton, and then spent it mostly on their cronies and as pork in their own ridings.

    Of course talking about that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about Ministers of the Crown in this government who yet again think they are above the law and can violate regulations that would have gotten you or I fired in a heart beat. Maybe we can talk about how thinking the law doesn’t apply to you is a real issue with the so-called “law and order” CPC (In-And-Out anyone?)

    So, you want to talk about that or you want to talk about Lisa Raitt and the obviously poor judgment STephen Harper has in appointing her and now continuing to defend her.

    Gawd you are such a partisan idiot.

  • Gene Rayburn

    Ferret’s anger makes me smile 🙂

  • Ferret,

    If you happen to need cancer treatment, do you think you would be worried about the economy or whether or not you will be able to get your treatments that will save your life.

    Oh and since Raitt-Tape want the political points for fixing this nuclear mess, she now owns it all, and that includes all the past fuckups on this file. She wants to roll the dice, well she the player at the table now.

  • It’s pretty sad when the trolls start asking us to pick on another conservative scandal.
    Sadly the is no shortage.

  • Joseph

    marginally questionable statements? good luck with that explanation.

    I think the arrogance, combined with incompetence, on this file is the issue. The medical crisis looming – of greater magnitude than when Harper sacked a competent civil servant two years ago – is the issue.

    The passing the buck (notes in the margin of papers last week to “blame the liberals, musings about the failings of her own fellow cabinet minister) while seeking to claim credit for in effect throwing money at an issue. Yep, those are issues as well.

    But you keep telling everyone its some trivial matter. Make sure you visit the cancer wards while you’re out lambasting all this dwelling on some petty side issue.

  • And I thought the economy was #1 priority. But you guys seem focused on some marginally questionable statements made in private. Funny how you go on endlessly about how the CPC isn’t doing enough about the economy but you don’t mind going on and on about something trivial like this.

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