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The tale of the (Raitt/Macdonnell) tape shall be heard…

According to Kady O’Malley at Macleans, the request for an injunction to prevent the airing of whatever Natural Resources Minister Raitt said on tape accidentally captured by her now ex-aide has been dismissed.

If the details of what are on this tape pan out (criticizing her fellow Health Minister and critiquing other ministers) I give Raitt’s resignation time at about a day or so, give or take. It also brings into question (yet again) the competence level (or lack thereof) of the Conservative government. (And yea, I believe the 2nd resignation offer this time shall be accepted by Harper, if he doesn’t outright fire her. I can’t see how he could let her stay on in Cabinet)

UPDATE @ 6:58 pm: The Chronicle Herald confirms the dismissal of the injunction to suppress whatever information it has gathered from this tape.

UPDATE 2 @ 7:39 pm: The transcripts of the tape have been released. Apparently, Lisa Raitt felt the isotope crisis was “sexy”, and looked it as a way to get political credit for herself. Not pretty. Her resignation should be forthcoming rather soon, I’d think.

UPDATE 3 @ 10:05 pm: Initially, it seems Harper is going to be stubborn and try to hold on to Raitt; I know his caucus is a bit thin on talent, but how hard is it to find someone that will just parrot what the PMO and Harper tell them what to say? We’ll see how long this stubbornness lasts if polls start showing people don’t appreciate a Minister calling a shortage of isotopes crisis “sexy” while thousands of people are possibly facing adverse and serious health risks due to delays to hospitals from getting isotopes, while the current Natural Resources Minister looks for ways to make herself politically look good.


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