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Juicy tidbits for a Monday

– If the story mentioned at this site in Nova Scotia and referenced to by Warren and a few others this morning is true, and the Halifax Chronicle Herald wins the right to publicize whatever is on this alleged tape, Lisa Raitt will not survive this. Keep an eye on the national broadcasters and/or the Chronicle Herald’s site today (as well as the Nova Scotia site).

– When it isn’t tapes causing Harper and the Conservatives trouble, or lost binders on nuclear isotopes, it’s brown paper envelopes getting sent to newspapers such as Le Devoir detailing how Canada would try to privately undermine the Bali environmental agreement that it didn’t wish to sign, but was forced to do so under international pressure.

-Another couple of stories on Liberal blogs today detailing opposition to the Liberals supporting Bill C-15, the mandatory sentences for drug crimes bill. I can tell you from a good source that there has been some pushback on this to Liberal MP’s from people writing into them opposed to their stance on this, after hearing about this dismaying development. Keep writing them, folks. The only way they’ll know that people are unhappy with the party’s stance on this is if you let them know. I again refer to Jennifer Smith’s blogpost, which has all Liberal MP’s email address’s. Even if they go ahead and pass this, pressure on them to revoke this or to repeal it once they’re in office is still a good thing.


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  • Tim

    Should be interesting when it gets to the Senate. Pierre-Claude Nolin, author of the Senate Report that recommended regulating marijuana is on the commitee hearing it.

    Hopefully the marijuana portions will be gutted (while I think manmins for all drugs are bad, the public support for pot decrim seems to be highest) and the bill will be sent back to the house.

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