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Petty politics in Ontario from the OLP’s staff.

I don’t know if John Laforet is over-reacting here or not, but Dean Rivando, a provincial Liberal staffer at Queen’s Park, should have known better then to have said what he did to John – it could easily come off as a threat, and I don’t blame John for interpreting it as such. (I asked John, by the way, what his federal affiliation was, and he’s still a member in good standing with the federal Liberal Party).

One other note: I applaud John’s coverage of the Ontario NDP and Conservative leadership conventions, though others in the Facebook message thread he quotes over there (including Mr. Rivando) seem to have an issue with him doing that. I feel trying to use that against him is equally as dumb as seeming to infer the provincial Liberals would get involved in taking him out if he tried to run in a municipal election (personally, I’d recommend to John to think federal).


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  • Hey Scott –

    Thanks for your entry on this.

    I’m sure you can appreciate how insulting it is for someone to suggest your commentary on emerging issues in Ontario politics makes you a worthy target for a taxpayer funded, illegal use of resources. Dean Rivando didn’t say it explicitly, but it is very clear to me the intent is to suggest that I could expect folks like him and others, whose salaries are paid by taxpayers for the purpose of supporting Liberal MPPs in their work, to interfere because of my writings at

    I felt the need to bring the comments to light simply because I know the role folks like Dean Rivando play in election campaigns, and believe it to be a totally unfair level of involvement. When someone can be crass enough to suggest one may find themselves on the receiving end of a taxpayer funded political machine as a result of providing coverage of opposition leadership processes and standing up against what that person sees as being bad for their community, I think it’s important to make it very public.

    By bringing it to light, I hope it will force Liberal Caucus Services Bureau to re-think their use of taxpayer paid staff in bi-elections, municipal campaigns and the next general election because it is an unfair advantage that really does call into question whether an election can be considered both ‘free and fair’ if they are involved.

    The St. Pauls bi-election will be the first test I guess for those who are interested in watching what Liberal Caucus Services Bureau does with public resources.

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