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So far, not a lot of bang for the millions of bucks spent on attack ads.

In line with other polls released the past week, Nanos Research’s new poll shows no sign that the attack ads released by the Conservatives have worked to halt Liberal momentum; In fact, the Nanos poll shows an increase in the gap between those who pick the Conservatives and Liberals:

nanospolljune09 nanonsjun09trendline

Two things I’ll add: Some folks will jump on the part of the survey where it says 60% of Canadians don’t want an election over the dispute that the Conservative government and the opposition parties are having over EI, but I think that’s a bit of a misnomer. Canadians NEVER like having an election (more were opposed the last time when Harper decided to pull the plug, and no one remembered how much they hated elections a couple of days later).  Also, who says the Liberals are going to frame any pulling of the plug solely on EI? You can do it on several issues that point to the Harper Government lacking any competence in governing;  the Chalk River isotopes fiasco being one such example.

With regards to the negative ads, the only thing they didn’t do in this poll (at least from what I can see at the PDF link) was to ask favourable/unfavourable views of the various leaders. That might tell a more complete story if the attack ads have had any effect or not, but it certainly isn’t helping the Cons reduce the Liberal lead in polls (not just this one, but others released recently, that you can find over at Steve’s site over the past week).


2 comments to So far, not a lot of bang for the millions of bucks spent on attack ads.

  • Hi Scott,
    Nanos is supposed to release a poll later this week on the negative ads…we should see some interesting numbers I have been told…

  • slg

    I see Harper is really noticed, brought Canada back at the ceremonies:

    Times OnlineJune 6, 2009

    UK, France and US join for D-Day anniversary
    Gordon Brown, Prince of Wales, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy attend service at Colleville-sur-Mer cemetery

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