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Double standards

Maxime Bernier would get a lot of respect from me if he decided he didn’t appreciate being treated a lot differently by Harper then Lisa Raitt has been under almost exactly the same circumstances and resigned from the Conservative caucus in protest.

He could do so as well without being in any danger of losing his seat in Quebec either.


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  • Robbie

    Where does it stop with Liberals?

    Ex-Liberal official pleads guilty to fraud, influence-peddling

    By Sue Montgomery, Montreal GazetteJune 3, 2009 4:39 PM
    StoryPhotos ( 1 )

    Benoit Corbeil, the former director general of the Federal Liberal Party in Quebec, leaves the courthouse in April 2008 after being charged with fraud.Photograph by: File, The GazetteMONTREAL — Lawyers will argue Sept. 10 what kind of sentence the former head of the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada deserves for using his influence in a land deal and defrauding the party of over $100,000.

    Benoit Corbeil, 45, stood before Quebec Court Judge Suzanne Coupal Wednesday and in a loud and clear voice pleaded guilty to one charge of influence peddling and one of fraud. A third count of conspiracy was withdrawn.

    edited for length and for using the whole article, which is against the fair-use principles of the Copyright Act -Scott

    • @Robbie, Wow.. so we’re going back to the Sponsorship Scandal stuff Robbie? Really?

      THAT’s your excuse for Lisa Raitt screwing up? A pretty pathetic red-herring attempt at changing the channel, if you ask me.

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