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Harper: The buck stops here (at Minister Raitt’s aide’s desk)

Well.. it appears Lisa Raitt offered her resignation to Harper today over the missing documents flap, but he refused it. Why? Because he and the PMO like Lisa Raitt a lot more then they did Maxime Bernier, who apparently was “too independent” for Harper’s tastes.

Instead, they decided to try to pin the missing documents on Raitt’s young aide, whose resignation was compelled offered and accepted today. Problem is, CTV (and Robert Fife of all people). seem to have shot a hole thru that excuse that it was the aide’s fault. As Jeff has related here, Fife discovered these were Raitt’s actual minister documents that went missing, and there are certain procedures done that should ensure they aren’t lost like this:

…if it was the minister’s briefing document, which is what I am told it is, the question would be why wasn’t the minister — why’d the minister ask, hey, where’s my briefing document? Why is it missing? In and the same thing would apply to the aides. Any of these documents, they’re supposed to be under lock and key because they are marked ” and when they are brought out of the office they’re supposed to be in a briefcase under lock and key and taken out with somebody watching. When it goes back into the evening it it is supposed to be put back into a safe in the minister’s office or at a safe in the minister’s home. So there’s a lot of unanswered questions here. It’s fine and dandy for the prime minister’s office to try to have some young 26-year-old walk the plank for this, but the buck stops with the minister.

I’ve been reading some of Jeff’s facebook summaries over there as he’s been watching Question Period, and some of Ms. Raitt’s responses in QP are doozies, which I’m sure will be summarized later, either at his blog or elsewhere.. Apparently, Harper isn’t in the House today, so the Minister gets to explain to all and sundry why she’s blaming an aide for her lapse of memory in asking where those documents are.


2 comments to Harper: The buck stops here (at Minister Raitt’s aide’s desk)

  • JMR

    Lisa Raitt must be on top of her file if she didn’t know it was missing for six days. Wasn’t she just at a committee hearing the other day, don’t you think she might have wanted it then?

  • Big Winnie

    I have to give her credit for memorising the response to the questions thrown at her. Still,she is the Minister and is responsible for the actions/inactions of the staff.

    And the CONs talk about “Liberal hypocrisy”?

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