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Tuesday’s tidbits in the AM.

– Gerard Kennedy will be hosting a series of seminars on June 9 and June 14, with an impressive list of speakers (Bob Rae,  Omar Algehbra, George Smitherman are some of those slated to chit-chat on various topics). The theme for these seminars is being titled “Opening Doors to Politics”. There will also be speeches by Michael Ignatieff and Dalton McGuinty. Check out the website Kennedy And Friends, for more information.

– Yet another news aggregator on the scene; this time we have one called Canadian News Reader. My initial impressions are it has a nice layout, and it does have a specific section for blogs and their postings they find to be interesting, which is nice. My reservations are it needs to get more variety in what blogs it lists in their section; while I’m flattered to be included in their “elite blogs” section, I do think when I have 6 blogposts in a row on their feed (and those posts stretch over a few days), that screams for them including more blogs to monitor (and I’ve sent them some suggestions).

Also, I’m a bit  leery when they’re including Canada Free Press, an extreme right wing shill site in the “politics section” of their site. I’d rather the Sun Media group be in there then that bunch. There are also currently no Toronto Star editorials or news stories either – the Globe and Mail apparently is what currently constitutes their “moderate” or “progressive news media over there.   I also see a lot of right-wing editorials there from and National Review and and so on.   I’ll say the same general  thing here that  I said to the folks from Canadian News Reader who wrote me asking if I’d give a plug to their site: I’ll mention it, but for Liberals, NDP’ers, folks on the left, and “progressives” in general to keep visiting their site, they’re going to have to give folks  from our side of the aisle a reason to visit; having essentially an overload of right-wing sites providing the majority of the commentary or opinion isn’t a way of doing that, regardless of how many left-wing blogs or bloggers they include in their blogging section.

UPDATE: Here’s a video Gerard Kennedy made that let’s him explain the seminars and the reasoning behind holding them:


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