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Media concern trolls.

In Angelo Persichilli’s op-ed column today in the Star, he lists a variety of reasons why Ignatieff shouldn’t force a general election now. Fair points, but he then claims that Iggy forcing an election now would make him look “weak” or “panicky”.

If forcing an election is weak, what does it say about the Conservatives and Harper running pre-election writ attack ads trying to smear an opposition leader’s character in the middle of the biggest recession in years. Those attack ads are running while the Conservatives have run up a 50 billion $ debt without having pushed hardly any stimulus money out of the door? Angelo doesn’t address that rather inconvenient point; I’m presuming it would have ruined his narrative he wanted to use in his column if he had to concede that Conservative government isn’t exactly operating without a lack of panic or weakness either.

My advice to Michael, for what it’s worth; take all advice or opinion from the Fourth Estate with a grain of salt.


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  • I think the message Ignatieff needs to send to his supporters is “We are ready at any time!” He needs to appear strong for now and possibly next year.

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