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You stay classy, Pierre Poilievre.

Pierre decides to use the phrase “tar baby” (twice), in response to MP questions in QP today in attacking Liberals and Michael Ignatieff. The context of his answer is here.

He was called out by Liberal MP Ralph Goodale and NDP MP Paul Dewar on MP Points of Order after QP, and given the chance to admit he made a mistake in using that racial slur terminology, but he refused; apparently according to another Liberal blogger who was watching, he instead demanded ludicrously that Goodale apologize for something or other.

He either needs to apologize or resign, and if he doesn’t do either, the folks in Nepean-Carleton really need to give their heads a shake and think whether they really want this embarrassment representing their riding (which they should have been doing already).

UPDATE @ 4:02 pm: Here is the context in which Pierre tried to turn his faux pas around and demand Ralph Goodale for an apology.


19 comments to You stay classy, Pierre Poilievre.

  • Big Winnie

    “statement that was clearly intended to convey a legitimate message”

    Yeah right! Where did that talking point come from? It’s bad enough that the CONs can’t answer a simple question in QP but to insinuate that the response was to CONvey a legit mesage is absurd.

    As for Goodale being a scumbag, he has more integrity than the CONs combined.

  • zoop

    “Ralph Goodale was correct to bring up a point of order ”

    Wrong – Ralph Goodale is a scumbag for playing the race card. None of us would be talking about tar babies if it weren’t for Ralph Goodale.

    The term is only racist if you make it racist. Goodale should be ashamed for brining the pejorative to an statement that was clearly intended to convey a legitimate message.

    Some people want to apply a double standard: its OK to use the term if you are a Liberal MP or a journalist, but not if you are a Conservative. Well, that’s obviously nonesense and only reveals the political games being played.

  • Big Winnie

    Richfisher/Shemp: Your comments prove that you lack maturity. “Tar baby”, as a slang, is a racist comment and Ralph Goodale was correct to bring up a point of order to get Poilievre to rescind/change his comments. The fact that he refused is indicative of the CON psyche.

  • shemp

    I use the term black eye to describe a black eye and chocolate bar to describe a chocolate bar. Oops maybe I should have checked Ralph’s KKK dictionary, maybe black eye and chocolate bar are rascist terms. Liberal supporters are such assholes.

  • richfisher

    So you’re going with “Conservatives are racist” while failing to give proper context or supplying the quote.

    A “racist” is someone kicking the ass of a liberal in a debate.
    Your site sucks exactly like all the other “Let’s vote Liberal” sights pretending to be newsy.

    See ya.

  • Big Winnie

    I find it reprehensible that a member of the HoC would use such a term and then not apologize afterwards. I expect better from our elected members and since no apology is forthcoming, I want Poilievre to resign!

  • Paul B

    Right. And Pollievre was referring to the greenshift carbon tax and the tar sands.

  • Paul,

    Interesting quote mine.

    Its from a comment left by a now non-existent blogger who explains the reference in the very next paragraph (which you conveniently left out):

    Propping up the tar sands with incentives at the taxpayers expense is one of the great White Elephants of Canadian politics.

    If not for this line or the paragraph that it was in, you might have a point. But with this, it is clear that the commenter in question was referring to the tar sands companies who were, like a baby, suckling from the government teat.

    Sadly Pierre made no such clarification, even when given the opportunity to do so.

    He still hasn’t done anything except apologize for getting caught when he insulted natives last year.

    And he still claims to be using it correctly and claiming that he had never heard the term used in the same breathe. Perhaps he really is that stupid, but since I know Pierre, I can tell you that it isn’t…everything he says and does is designed in some way to gain attention.

    Convenient this comes on a Friday right before a weekend at the end of the news cycle, and seems to have pushed Flaherty’s incompetence off the front pages? At a time when the USD has flopped and the Canadian dollar soared…and yet none of the so-called stimulus money seems to have been spent yet. Where, exactly, is this deficit coming from then?

    These guys will do anything to avoid talking about their incompetence, including getting Pierre to act like a clown.

  • Paul B

    Pollievre is a goof. But so is Goodale for trying to turn this into a racist issue.

  • Paul B

  • Paul,

    You wanna provide a link?

    Poilievre is my MP. He has a history of this – flipping the bird, making racist comments about natives, screaming this kind of nonsense at a Terry Kilrea gathering with his buddy John Baird.

    He odes this idiocy all the time.

    Notice how he claims to have used the term properly and claims to have never heard it before at the same time?

    He’s either lying or he’s an idiot. Although it could be both.

  • Paul B

    “There is a way to lower our emissions that wouldn’t cost a red cent. It would in fact save us a lot of money… cut the tar baby off from the federal teat and let the market drop its chips where it may.”

    You guys wanna explain the context of this tar baby reference? It’s from this blog previously.

  • Gene Rayburn

    “Fathering a Tar baby…”

    practicing a bit of that homegrown racism there yourself eh Wilson? You may have “explained” the Poilieturd but you’re use of it could be interpreted differently.

    BTW that was some of your more lame apologizing Wilson. Try to come up with something that can’t be disproved with a dictionary. Or just remember this “if you have to explain the meaning, then you got the message wrong”

  • MPs are products of our political systems. That’s a party and their candidate selection process for starters, and then it’s our modern federal FPTP that invites people to vote for a leader, a candidate, election promises and a party, all with just one X. A voter should look at what they voted for (one, two, three or all of the above), and then look at what they got (their MP). Let’s fix the part of these systems that we have the power to fix.

  • wilson

    ”He fathered the carbon tax idea. Then he generously put it up for adoption to his predecessor. And now, of course, he wants a paternity test to prove that this tar baby is not his.”

    Obviously a reference to MIs love affair with the Tar sands.
    Fathering a Tar baby….

  • Well, of course Pierre is going to dig his heels in on this. He’s an unthinking clod. He doesn’t want to look bad or be wrong.

    How embarrassing. Ironically, I just got an email back from him on another matter. I’m sure its a coincidence.


  • Pierre Poiievre is such a loser.

    • zoop

      @James Bowie, “Pierre Poiievre is such a loser.”

      Pierre Poilievre won the second largest plurality in the last election.

      And he’s no racist. The racists are the people who are drawing a connection between ‘tar baby’ and black children. I don’t personally see the connection, I guess you have to be a racist to understand the problem.

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