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No surprises here.

A couple of things this AM.. I am neither surprised at this:

The arbiter of ethics on the airwaves ruled Wednesday that CTV violated industry codes when it included three false starts in a broadcast of an election interview with then-Liberal leader Stephane Dion.

or later in the same piece, this:

The standards council also studied complaints lodged against CTV Newsnet’s Mike Duffy Live program. The show rebroadcast Dion’s false starts and discussed it with a panel of politicians and later with journalists. During the discussion, Liberal MP Geoff Regan suggested Dion might not have understood the question because of a hearing impairment, but then said it was not a subject worth discussing. Duffy then repeatedly said that Regan was accusing the network of ridiculing a handicap. The CBSC’s national specialty services panel said Duffy “went too far.” “He was not fair, balanced or even-handed,” the panel said, also agreeing the rebroadcasts of the restarts were in breach of industry code.

I’m also not surprised that now-Conservative Senator Mike Duffy declined to comment on the ruling. What exactly would he say – that he WAS being fair? This ruling just more or less officially acknowledges that Duffy was being overly partisan at the time, and Mike Duffy has already said he’s been a partisan Conservative for awhile now (though blaming the Liberals for that is silly on his part).

Lastly, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Prime Minister Harper appears to be personally involved in trying to find material on tape to use against Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in more attack ads. He was the one who had to approve this (and for that matter, the stuff they ran against Stephane Dion), and he’s shown himself to be a hyper-partisan of the highest order, so it shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone that he himself would be involved looking for material to use against Iggy in this current negative smear campaign. (Perhaps if he’d done less poring of old videotape, and more, you know, governing and running of the country, as he’s supposed to be doing, he might have noticed how far out of whack his Finance Minister’s deficit projections had become).

The only thing that does surprise me about this is that he would admit it in Question Period in the Parliament of Canada. It’s very unbecoming of a Prime Minister to act “Nixonian”.

UPDATE: Here’s something else that did surprise me. If you want to get a feel for how much money 50 billion $ is (the amount that Canada is now in deficit), a colleague tells me that is enough money to buy 3 double doubles a day for a whole year for EVERY Canadian at Tim Horton’s.


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  • EM

    Purr-r-rfect, Gene! ;0)

  • Gene Rayburn

    Frunger –
    (noun) someone who is chronically depressed or despondent; someone who obsesses over their own life situation with little regard for those around them; a person who has trouble maintaining a balanced life-style or finds little meaning in life.

  • ian

    Or what kind of car he drives

  • ridenrain

    Good thing they didn’t ask him a confusing question like “what kind of vegetable would you be”.

  • Three Tim’s coffees for every Canadian every day? That’s a stimulus plan we can all get behind!

  • Gene Rayburn

    Frunger: If I don’t say it’s so then it’s wrong!
    Frunger: Don’t help those people! I want to spend that money on myself!
    Frunger: Don’t help anyone! Unless of course I need help then it’s different.

    Frunger: Showing Canadians that hypocrisy is the new black for the Conservatives

  • EM

    Frunger: More $$$$$$$ for me! No taxes for you! Me! me! me!

    Frunger:More intellectually ‘light ‘ reasoning from Reformatories who need more help from the crucial socializing program known as public education.

  • Frunger

    Ignatieff: More stimulus, more stimulus!

    Ignatieff: $50 billion shortfall! Poor fiscal managers!

    Ignatieff: Don’t cut any of Canada’s crucial social programs!

    He’s turning himself into a human pretzel as he tries to reconcile all his blustering.

    Try to get an election if you think it’s so bad. Enough huffing and buffing. It makes you light-headed.

  • theCdnGrit

    Another Harper Nixonian video:

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