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Initial polling: Attack ads may be hurting Harper worse then Ignatieff.

You’ll note both Steve and Jeff commenting on Harris-Decima, and Steve commenting on Angus-Reid (Quebec only) doing some polling on the effect of the Conservative attack ads, with the initial reports being that they may be hurting Harper and the Conservatives worse then they are Ignatieff (and by extension, the Liberals).

I believe Steve said this somewhere at his site, but I’ll say it as well; this is encouraging (if you’re a Liberal, or if you just hate negative politics in general) but I would have liked to have seen these pollsters do a general poll (to go along with their attack ad polling) to show what current voter intentions were, so as to compare them with their last set of polls, as well as to see if there’s a correlation to hating the attack ads and whether or not there is more or less support for the political parties both on the giving and receiving end.

So, I’ll reserve judgment on the effectiveness of the attack ads, as well as these couple of polls (though it should be noted we have seen in Quebec from a pollster this past week that the Conservatives are mired in 4th place, with no sign attack ads caused any negative effect to Liberal support. Note also that while Ipsos-Reid showed a minor decline in Liberal support in their poll this week, mainly in Ontario, that pollster didnt ask if the attack ads had anything to do with it either).


9 comments to Initial polling: Attack ads may be hurting Harper worse then Ignatieff.

  • batb

    Yeah, well, the double standards continue when it comes to PMSH, the CPC, the polls, the LPC, and the Canadian MSM. Who’s surprised — and who the Hell cares what the polls say?

    Peter Donolo is a former Liberal operative, in Jean Chretien’s office, for crying out loud, and another recent poll was commissioned by the TorStar and Angus Reid. Can you spell “p-a-r-t-i-s-a-n”?

    That’s what PMSH and the CPC are always accused of, as though the LPC and Count Iggula aren’t. LOL! As I recall, just before the election in 2006 and the most recent election, the CPC were down and the LPC were up in the polls.

    The results? Not what the partisan MSM were hoping …

  • kwittet a point i agree with you..and the globe and the star and every other paper and rag out there leans one way or another. thats why i LISTEN and read between the lines to get the facts. lets face it..the media who is supposed to report facts does not do so in a unbiased manner.

  • kwittet

    The funniest thing in canadian politics is not that liberal leader micheal ignatieff and his band of gritheads believe they have a right to portray PM stephen harper and the cons as planet destroying war mongering medicare gutting woman hating bible thumping knuckle dragging bigots. Nor is it their plantive cries of OH UNFAIR when harper responds.
    the funniest thing is watching the media fall for this nonsense over and over again. Harper “dares” to run an negative attack ad reminding canadians that iggy left the country for over 30 years and refered to himself as an american and returned to become PM.
    thats not an attack ad..its FACT!!
    I see warren kinsella(super liberal stratigist) quoted here all the time but in his book “Kicking ass in canadian politics” opposition research ..scrutinize the public record of ones adversary and let people know about things which they would prefer to keep off the front lines. bet you didnt think the the cons could read..they just ripped a page out of the grit book.
    so now we have a liberal attack ad out with iggy calling harper a big dooofus. sounds intelligent.
    maybe the libs should have gone with pointing out that haper strikes many canadians as someone who will say or do anything to stay in power.
    in other words harper is a liberal!!

  • Gayle

    Of course Wilson, that brilliant political analyst, fails to understand that one of the reasons the ads were so effective against Dion was because half of his caucus were agreeing with them, anonymously, to the media.

    That just ain’t happening here.

    Not to worry though – if the polls continue to show a CPC slide, Wilson will go running for cover back to the BT’s, where she feels safe.

  • Scott

    Don’t go back to 2007, just go back to the beginning of May. There you’ll find wilson on all the Con blogs warning the other brainiacs against running attack ads, because of negative blowback. Something about only running positive ads on the Conservatives impressive record, but don’t go negative on Ignatieff. Was it the economy you mentioned wilson, or was it that attack ads would make Harper look like the schmuck Canadians already know? NEXT…

  • wilson

    Dion Attack Ad Hurts Harper More in Canada
    June 06, 2007

  • Proud Canadian

    Of course the attack ads have an effect.It’s just that no one will ever admit to them.Just ask Mr.Dion to see what he thought about the ads toward him.The ads are like advertising.How many people do you know that will admits to changing their brand of beer just because they saw it advertised during the hockey playoffs?

    If the beer companies thought that the ads don’t work,do you think that they would spend $$$ to advertise saying that their beer is better than the competition?

    If you think that the ads don’t have an impact on the individual intended to,than how do you explain this from the liberal senators?

    I don’t actually believe that any bills introduced in the senate first,especially this one has a snow balls chance you know where to ever become law.

    I’m not saying that I agree with them,but they do have an impact.But that’s just me.

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