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You’re really representing PEI with dignity and class in the Senate, Mike Duffy.

Actually, no you’re not:

He questioned if Canadians are seeing the real Ignatieff, asking, “Is he a multiple personality disorder or something? What is he?” …Duffy also took pointed jabs at other thorns in the Conservative political side, referring to outspoken Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams as “that whack job over in Newfoundland,” and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May as “Bucky the Beaver.”

If the Senate is the chamber of “sober second thought”, then Mike Duffy is definitely like a fish out of water here.


6 comments to You’re really representing PEI with dignity and class in the Senate, Mike Duffy.

  • Marie

    Not only act is Duffy like a fish out of water, he actually looks like one too. What a jerk he has become. He sold his soul to the deviils (Reforms) for a job on the senate and that’s a fact. May he rest in peace and have nightmares every night of his life.

  • MoS

    Jabba the Hack slimes again. Fortunately, for him, the greasy little shit is in no danger of running out.

  • slg

    I suppose Duffy would feign outrage as all Cons do if he was called a fat partisan pig.

  • Joan Richard

    Mike Duffy, whose appearance leaves me gagging, looks ridiculous when he comments on the looks of others, with whom he disagrees. He fits nicely into the right-wing anti-intellectual trough that he has joined.

  • EM

    Mike Duffy made me a partisan when he delighted in serving the ‘coup de grace’ (bungled tv interview question) to The old Duffer is a very ignorant man and fits nicely with the anti-intellectual zenophobic reformatories.

  • Gayle

    I love how he claims he was non-partisan while a journalist, and that the liberals “made” him partisan.

    Yeah…did they “make” him partisan just a couple minutes before he was appointed, because otherwise I think we have a pretty obvious admission of partisanship while he was hosting MDL.

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