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A Conservative with a sense of humour?

Diane Finley may qualify as one of those rare birds with this quote:

“It’s important we focus not on partisan politics right now.”

She either has a sense of humour, or she’s hoping that people somehow collectively won’t think how dumb that comment of hers is – seeing as the multimillion dollar smear campaign on Ignatieff’s “Canadianess” continues. How she could utter that statement and hope that people believe she and her government are trying to take the high road is simultaneously appalling and amusing.

H/T Aaron Wherry.


1 comment to A Conservative with a sense of humour?

  • Isn’t she married to some Scottish guy that spent over 30 years outside of Canada and is now serving his Conservative masters out of convenience?

    I wonder what David Frum things of the new Tory ads?


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