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So far, the attack ads aren’t working.. least, not in Quebec:

The Leger poll indicates that the Harper government’s support in Quebec remains at only 13 per cent, which could wipe out most of its 10 seats in Quebec were an election held today. “This is catastrophic for the Conservatives,” said Jean-Marc Leger, president of Leger Marketing. “Poll after poll shows they are losing ground. It will be a tough time for them.”…Liberal support has climbed to 37 per cent while the Bloc appears stalled at 33 per cent…While it might be too early to tell, the poll seems to indicate that recent Conservative attack ads, which began just as the poll was taken, have had little or no impact on Ignatieff’s rise in popularity.

Of course, this poll probably shouldn’t be a surprise; Harper and the Conservatives popularity here has been in a steep plummet since his prorogation of Parliament in December. However, it’s a telling sign of Conservative weakness when the Leger pollster mentions that even at the height of the sponsorship scandal a few years ago, the Liberals never went below 30%.  It will be an interesting barometer to compare with national polls that come out in the next little while with what’s been going on in the rest of the country since the Conservatives decided to throw money out the door using attack ads to try and halt their slide in the polls by smearing Ignatieff.

By the way, it doesn’t appear Conservative staffers appear too confident the attack ad strategy will work;  speaking figuratively, they may not be quite to the point of  rats disturbing the sinking ship, but from the story, more then a few of them do appear to be putting life jackets on.


11 comments to So far, the attack ads aren’t working..

  • ridenrain

    More than enough Liberals made the exact same comments during the last Liberal leadership election so I don’t know why this is all a big surprise. Many of your own people were saying the same things but then many were saying that Dion’s poor English skills wouldn’t hurt him either..

  • Christina Dawn Monroe

    For comparison:

    Stephen Harper:

    was born in Toronto, Ontario
    had 1 occupation outside of politics (an economist)
    went to 1 school for his university education(University of Calgary, he did drop out of University of Toronto)
    holds a master degree in economics
    has lived the majority of his life in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario,
    had 5 different political affiliations. (Young Liberals, Progressive Conservative, Reform, Canadian Alliance, and Conservative)

    Michael Ignatieff:

    was born in Toronto, Ontario
    had 5 professions outside of politics(author, journalist, screenwriter, professor, and academic)
    went to 3 different Universities (University of Toronto, Harvard University, and University of Oxford)
    he holds a PHD in History
    has lived in the province of Ontario, England, the United States of America. (while living outside of Canada he was working as a academic at Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard, in addition to writing and working a journalist)
    has one political affiliation (Liberal Party of Canada)

    You do not see Liberal’s going around pointing out in smear ads that Harper dropped out of University, and can not decide what political party is the right fit for him that he changes party affiliations more than some people change their underwear.

    You do see Conservatives pointing out in smear ads that Ignatieff is less of a Canadian because he studied and worked abroad, he is “only visiting”.

    Personally I feel there are better things to be doing than pointing out “supposed faults” with a Political Party Leader’s personal life.

    I feel that Mr. Ignatieff is better suited to the duty of running this country because he a more well rounded, better educated person, who shares the same values as me. I know that if he were in office as PM, he would not be spending his Liberal supporter’s dollars on smear campaigns, he would be doing his job.

    If the best Conservative’s can come up with is to continue to act as though everyone who is not like them is less of a Canadian they will dig their own grave. It is not going to work.

    Canadian’s do not want yet another election, but they do not want a “leader” who spends his time throwing mud like a school yard bully, instead of working on his job of running the country.

    • Frank

      How very funny. Ignatieff is a genius in what subject matter? The liberal arts. Come on, that’s hilarious. Had he left the country to study or research in science, engineering, medicine, or some other valuable field that’s one thing.. but history? Do you know who goes into the liberal arts? People who don’t have the brains to make it into anything else: it’s always been that way, and it always will. Again I hear this fantasy about how intelligent Ignatieff is, and how he had to live 34 years outside of the Country to become so worldly. Dear Liberals, your emperor is not wearing any clothes. What has this genius said that could only have been learned by ditching Canada (for sexier countries) for so long? He says he is a uniter and wants to bring Canadians together. That’s the grand total of his message, and what a frickin’ joke (pardon my french). He’s parroting Obama. His claim to fame is that he left Canada to become worldly, and the rest of sat on our asses here and learned the same winning message from Obama just by flicking on the evening news — and it didn’t take us 34 years! I really get the idea that if you dressed up a turnip and called him the King of LPC the rank and file Liberals would follow each other in line behind it … and bow to their supreme leader while waving their fists at Harper, or anyone else that wasn’t a vegetable.


      PS. Nice website. The editing feature in this comment section is a great feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Cheers.

  • ridenrain

    These “ineffective” ads have generated a month’s worth of earned media and generated a whole lot of talk. Spinning the context is all Iggy can do because the facts are very clear. This has been a damned cost effective ad campaign.

    • @ridenrain, The only one doing the spinning is yourself. Generating a lot of talk and earned media doesn’t mean squat if the publicity has been all negative against the negative ads, as has been the case in the media, and/or your polling numbers aren’t moving up, or causing the Liberals to move down, which initially is the case in Quebec at least.

      If we see the same trend in the ROC, then the ad campaign has been an outright failure and waste of money, which doesn’t bother me a bit.

  • Joseph

    No, it’s a fucking lie, Leeky. One obtuse reference in an interview, in which he called the US his country as well, in reference to how Americans feel about their own country does not a citizen make. In fact it’s a rather vague reference, akin to saying, “I live here too” during a statement, which he did.

    He’s Canadian, and you spew bullshit. You may feel alright about it, but it doesn’t change the fact.

    • Elephants never forget

      @Joseph, Joey what about the soldiers with guns in the cities, the gun pointing at me the aircraft carriers,nobody lies like a liberal.Whiner

      • Ottlib

        @Elephants never forget,

        Hehehehe. Conservative supporters are certainly getting rather testing these days.

      • Joseph

        You’re right, elephant. I didn’t mention that at all. I didn’t mention Mulroney or Kim Campbell either. I didn’t even mention Harper, which is amazing considering the wealth of examples his “leadership” could provide on the subject of lies and distortion. I didn’t go into that because, basically, I was staying on topic.

        And here’s a hint, you really should try separate sentences. You totally lost me on the guns and aircraft carrier references. But I did pick up on the often referenced, “Conservatives are crap but that’s ok because someone else is too” argument. I’m always so inspired by that message, as are many Canadians apparently.

        Oh, and one more think, I am not a Liberal.

        You think Conservatives have ever considered actually expanding their base? Or is the plan just to drive up voter cynicism so that only the conservative base votes? That would be another stellar display of leadership. Good luck with that one.

  • leeky sweek

    a) Ignatieff stepped briefly outside the country … for over 30 years (b) referred to himself as an American and (c) returned to Canada to attempt to become prime minister.

    Is this an attack ad?

    • Ottlib

      @leeky sweek,

      Wow, a quote from an editorial from the Sun Group of newspapers, that bastion of socialist thought.

      Leeky, I actually find it remarkable that this newspaper found it necessary to come out with a blatant defence of the Conservative strategy this late in the game.

      Yet one more indication that the Conservatives’ current campaign seems to be going over like a Lead Zepellin.

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