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Attack ad thoughts

As a followup to my last post, I think these attack ads spawned by the Conservative government are ultimately an attempt at distraction by the Conservatives away from the economic troubles we’re having. The fact of the matter is that the Conservative government don’t have anything particularly good to tell people right now on the economic front, so they’re trying this bit of political strategy as  a red herring.

My personal opinion is that when it comes down to the next election, the majority of people aren’t going to care about how long a particular party leader has been living outside of the country; they ARE going to care what policies that leader and his party are proposing to a) deal with the recession while it’s here, and b) to get us out of the recession as soon as possible.

As I’ve said before on here, Edmund Burke once said that “The personal attack is the last refuge of the scoundrel who has nothing of substance to say”, and I think judging from the overwhelmingly negative media reaction to this tactic, as well as Canadians who are abroad and  writing letters like the young Canadian’s letter in the prior blogpost, as well as hearing from good sources that these ads have not gone over well in some key constituencies/regions, that Canadians are figuring that out about Harper and his band of Conservatives.

Aside: Now that we’ve learned that the nuclear plant at Chalk River that creates medical isotopes will probably be indeed be shut down for several months, I look forward to seeing who Harper will fire this time. Because,  if you’re going to fire the head of the nuclear regulatory body for ordering a shutdown that lasted a month due to the plant failing to have backup safety systems installed, I would think the fact that this time the plant is potentially offline several months  due to corroded pipes and a heavy water leaks merits someone’s dismissal as well.. maybe more then one person. I won’t hold my breath on that, however.


6 comments to Attack ad thoughts

  • Gene Rayburn

    Lick it Wilson, you are repetitive and boring. Joe and Mary Sixpack huh? So you are American and condescending when you refer to average Canadians, not to mention incredibly unoriginal. Please just stop, we all heard you the first one hundred times you said your tripe.

  • wilson

    I really don’t think Joe and Mary Sixpack will go so far as to think MI is ‘not really Canadian’ ; he is Canadian.
    But, they may very well discount any claim to fame MI has earned in Britain and the US, by thinking ”yah but, that was before he came back to Canada”, his committment to Canada began in 2005.

  • I doesn’t matter Scott, the Liberals are not fighting back on these negative attack ads, and so Iggy will be framed as “Not Really Canadian,…” Then when election time comes around, Canadians will have this negative background image and buzz about Iggy and it will be all down hill from there. The General Public are generally to lazy and/or stupid to actually follow politics or law or anything that is really important. In the end the end it is the twit that can sell the best PR spin,…

    Now there are two exception to this rule,

    1) The General Public become sick of the current Administration because of corruption or blind arrogance.
    2) The General Public votes their pocket book. And tax cuts are not always the vote get’er that the right wingers hope for. Sometimes people want the Government to help them out IE, Health Care, Education,… etc,…

    The problem with Harper is that he hasn’t done anything of much,… so he can’t be held account for much,… Basically he has done nothing except spin PR on the media about what he would like Canadian’s to believe he has done,…

    Oh yam and Iggy is Not a Real Canadian,… Vote Harper

    • Dave

      Canadian’s are not as gullible as Harper believes. This will backfire on Harper for a number of reasons:-
      1) The money and energy spent on the attack adds should be going toward helping the economy recover.
      2) Conservative thinking will not get us out of this recession only someone with a World view like IGGY can do that.
      3) Canadian’s are polite an apologetic and know that personal attacks should be saved for the hockey rink.
      4) Canada really need someone like IGGY who is Canadian but has earned respect from the US, the UK and France.
      5) Harper is simply out classed by IGGY and is jealous of his resume.

      We should be so lucky to have someone with this experience and education leading our country….who does not live in Harper’s narrow little “world”.

      1970 – 1974 4 US Prof Harvard
      1974 – 1976 2 US Stud PhD Harvard
      1976 – 1978 2 Canada Prof UBC
      1978 – 1984 6 UK Research Cambridge
      1984 – 1985 1 France Research École des Hautes Études
      1985 – 1990 5 UK Media London
      1990 – 1993 3 UK Media The Observer
      1993 – 1995 2 UK Research Oxford
      1995 – 2000 5 UK Media BBC
      2000 – 2005 5 US Prof Harvard
      2005 – 2009 4 Canada Pol Ottawa

  • Framing is always a distraction as it makes simple the complex, and elevates a single self-serving issue from a multitude of issues, many more far more pressing than the one chosen.

    The Cons will blame Chalk River on the Libs. They wouldn’t be wrong, though their handling of the ongoing issues has been terrible.

  • Paul Raposo

    The economy, stupid!

    Isn’t that what Carvelle told Clinton? if we stick with this sound advice, no amount of attacking will distract Canadians from the fact that Tory times are bad times.

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