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Provincial Tory Government would put curfew on kids if re-elected.

This caught my eye today:

Kids 15 and under would have a one o’clock curfew if the Tories return to power. (Nova Scotia) Premier Rodney MacDonald said his party would bring in a law banning these youth from being out along from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. He said there’s no reason for kids that age to be out on the streets in the middle of the night. Parents who don’t keep there kids at home during the curfew hours would face warnings and a possible fine of up to $500.

The idea is interesting,  but I find it more interesting it’s the Conservative Party offering the idea up. After all, they’re supposedly the party of personal responsibility – they’ve long harped the less  government involvement in people’s affairs, the better.

Yet in this instance, they’re the party proposing a government imposed curfew -  something that if they held true to their ideology, they would be opposing, not promoting.  They should be saying it’s up to the parents to discipline their kids and to keep them in at night, and not the government’s business.  I guess they feel the “law and order” image they want to maintain supersedes the “keep government out of people’s lives” principle.

Then again, when you’ve fallen to third in the polls during a general election campaign, you might say anything to try and stop that slide.


3 comments to Provincial Tory Government would put curfew on kids if re-elected.

  • Terri

    Are you sure you’re not talking about Libertarians? Conservatives are not Libertarians.

    The nutshell idea that I’ve been taught regarding political styles shows social conservatists to be the most meddlesome in your personal life, while letting business and industry govern itself. They don’t care if you’re poisoned by tainted meat, that is up to the industry, but you can’t have an abortion or marry someone of the same sex. The farther you go to the left, the more you have the government regulating business and industry trying to make everyone happy and equal – all the way to communism on the far end – where ideally everyone has the same. The Libertarians are the ones that don’t think Government should meddle in anything at all, other than perhaps National Defense, while provinces and municipalities run their own show. They also don’t oppose things such as abortions or gay marriage because they don’t feel it’s any of their concern. Social Conservatism on the other hand very much wants to impose old-fashioned values on people.

    That’s why I dislike them so much, I lean more to the right fiscally speaking.

  • But wait, aren’t those same kids adults when the commit a crime? Does that mean they feel they can lock up anyone they consider an adult?

    This is how fascism starts…hand wringing busy bodies pretending they can control other people’s lives…

  • KC

    **Gasp!** Politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths?!? What a development!

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