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Taking a (Ekos) poll.

Well.. I just got polled by Ekos Research. It was an automated call, with a series of questions. One of the more interesting ones was whether I supported the idea of high-speed rail between Calgary and Edmonton and the Southern Ontario 401  corridor ( I answered “strongly support”).

They also asked of course who I’d vote for and who would make the best PM, so if there’s a bump in Liberal support in the next Ekos poll, I can take a minute bit of credit for it.  [superemotions file=”icon_biggrin.gif” title=”Big Grin”]


7 comments to Taking a (Ekos) poll.

  • I’m glad to hear that HS trains are making it to political polls.

  • foottothefire

    At last! someone voting FOR the HS train From Calgary to Edmonton.

  • Nuts, I’ve never been polled on political questions!

  • Good answer. I like the idea of the high speed Edmonton-Calgary link. Anything to take traffic off the QE2.

  • And just so some wingnut Con doesn’t get too excited, those questions you put out there are filters so they don’t oversample Liberals 🙂 It means I’m less likely to get a call.

    Just an aside, I got a call from Ipsos last year, and I was like “finally, I get to voice an opinion”. That sentiment evaporated when the questioner asked if I had 10 minutes to discuss CATFISH, yes CATFISH. Who knew??

  • Oh great, if it’s a good for the Libs, Steve Janke will write something in the NP about the “Scott factor”.

    No question on the attack ads? Somebody has to be sampling that one..

    • @SteveV, Heh.. yes.. its a conspiracy! Ekos didn’t do random sampling.. blah blah blah. I can see Janke’s “exclusive story on biased polling firms” already (not that Cons haven’t been complaining about that for years).

      Nope – nothing on attack ads. High speed rail was their question that was off-topic politically. The rest were the usual political stuff:

      How do you characterize yourself politically (Small-l liberal to small-c conservative),
      Who would you vote for
      Who do you think would make the best PM
      Who did you vote for last election.

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