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More problems at Chalk River nuclear site..

I wonder who the Conservative government is going to blame this time for this shutdown, since they can’t kick Linda Keen around (or off the job, which she was doing properly as the regulator should be doing):

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) announced Monday that its Chalk River reactor, located about 185 kilometres northwest of Ottawa, will remain out of service for more than a month due to a leak at the base of the reactor vessel. The agency noticed the heavy water leak on Friday, a day after the reactor was shut down due to a power outage in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. The leak, which also released a small amount of radioactive tritium, was traced to a corroded outer wall of the reactor vessel.

There are and have been obvious problems at this reactor, and it’s obvious to me that the Conservatives have done nothing to address those concerns, and that the firing of Keen and the virtual neutering of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission was politically and ideologically motivated – and had nothing to do with how Keen or the CNSC was doing it’s job.

At this point however, don’t expect to see any remedial action from the Harper Conservative government on this issue; they’re too busy plotting  and spending money on political attack ads on their opponents.


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  • foottothefire

    Kevin lynch? Isn’t he expendable? Surely Harper can dump some of it off onto him.

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