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What’s a synonym for a “principled Conservative politician?”


Ok, that WAS my joke for tonight.. but it seems I’ll have to change my punchline to  “endangered”, as we have 1 Conservative MP on record (a rookie no less) as being against the Conservative’s negative ad pre-election campaign being run against Michael Ignatieff.

I’ll give her about 3 days tops before she gets cowed back into parroting the official Conservative line.


1 comment to What’s a synonym for a “principled Conservative politician?”

  • I don’t know where he stands on the ad issue, but I’d add Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong to that (very short) list. He is one of the best advocates out there for family farmers and has an excellent website with a broad collection of his writings on agriculture, urban sprawl and other related issues.

    He’s also the guy who resigned from Cabinet over the Quebec as a nation issue. We live in hope that he sees the light and becomes a Liberal.

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