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“The media aren’t going along with our propaganda on Ignatieff. They’re biased!”

A summary of Stephen Taylor’s blogpost on the media’s general condemnation of the Conservatives negative ad campaign is apparently “they’re all liberal media types who are ganging up on us”.

C’mon Taylor, since when is Rex Murphy and Stephen Van Zandt of the Sun Media Chain ever qualify as “liberal media”??? I’ve also seen Greg Weston of the same Sun Media go after Harper for his stunts of late; does that make him “liberal” as well? Is every media publication in Canada automatically tagged as “liberal” when they criticize your dear leader or the Conservative Party?

By the way, as James Bowie points out, it wasn’t long ago that Taylor was singing the praises of the media for their helping to bury Dion and helping Harper to a win. Now, when they’re going off on Harper and the PMO for pulling this same tired stunt, when they should be worrying more about getting stimulus money out the door or helping out with making EI easier to obtain nationally in these tough times, Stephen gets all pouty about it:

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UPDATE @ 10:33 pm: Aaron Wherry of Macleans responds indirectly to Taylor and other Conservative supporters crying about the “liberal media” charge:

The Globe and Mail, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Toronto Sun and Calgary Sun endorsed Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in the last election. The Guelph Mercury suggested its readers vote for Conservative Michael Chong. And Mr. Persichilli is no great enemy of Mr. Harper.

In case you were wondering.


5 comments to “The media aren’t going along with our propaganda on Ignatieff. They’re biased!”

  • slg

    Hmmm….I just read that Jennifer Ganholm, Gov. of Michigan and former Attorney General for Michigan – is a serious contender for the Supreme Court of the U.S. – that’s huge.

    She was born in B.C. – Canadian born.

    You see, some people have open minds.

    Harper doesn’t know who the hell he is. Trudeau Liberal, Mulroney Conservative, then Reform, the Alliance and now pretend Conservative (actually trying to be a Canadian Right Wing Republican). He really needs to get his head straight about who he really is – US wannabe is messing with his mind.

  • Cara

    And before the National Energy Act, wasn’t Stephen Harper himself a Trudeau Liberal?

  • Gene Rayburn

    Anonymous, Rex Murphy has also spent the better part of the last four years ejaculating all over Harper so your point is moot.

  • Loraine Lamontagne

    Stephen Harper was an admirer of Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and a member of the Liberal student club in his high-school days.

  • Anonymous

    Rex Murphy was the Trudeau spokesperson for the Greatest Canadian competition.

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