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Isn’t it ironic.. don’t you think?

The Conservatives are using a website based on a server in Montenegro to attack Ignatieff for having lived outside of Canada for a time.

Nice to see the folks at Conservative War Room central are helping the Montenegro economy out.. but surely they had enough cash in the bank to support a Canadian server host to do this?

UPDATE: If you’re wondering where Montenegro is…


UPDATE 2 @ 3:35 pm – The plot thickens. A colleague of mine wrote this, stating it may not be in Montenegro, despite the .me domain:

“I pinged the IP address for and did a geolocation trace on it. Here are the results. When you input those coordinates into google maps, the server is being hosted somewhere very close to the US capitol building. Perhaps they have employed a little help from their Republican friends in DC. I hear they have a lot of idle time these days.”

UPDATE 3 @ 6:18 pm: Someone else does some investigating and mentions this:

The hosting company… do have a Canadian address but the WHOIS tells us that the actual server ( is in the US.


6 comments to Isn’t it ironic.. don’t you think?

  • Yo

    .me domains were opened up to everyone a while back.

  • CWTF

    Should we start to traceroute and use Arin to find out where all these IPs and various proxies are?
    The Liberals and the Conservatives are less than Canadian when it comes to this…

    In contrast to Christian Conservative, ALL the IPs I have are at the right address (Two class Cs) (or Paul Martin) is hosted by GoDaddy out of Arizona. The poor sap likely shares hosting with a 100 other sites…. is registered via Tucows

    The DNS servers for Paul Martin are from, I’d guess that they are “outsourcing” all the infrastructure…

    Scott, should we start having “fun” with the Liberal party’s web site?

  • Oh come on man, ever heard of URL forwarders?

    If you trust that info, just go ahead and do a geolocation trace on “”. What’s this, Austin, Texas? Or how about “”? Huh, why’s it pointing to Scottsdale, Arizona? LOL… see where your argument kinda falls appart?

    The results:
    Dion –

    Martn –

    I also just did a random check on several domain names and IP addresses that I either own or work with daily, and NONE of them were correct… in every single case, I got a completely incorrect location, none of them were even within 100kms of their actual physical location.

  • Andrew

    I’m a conservative (an Albertan separatist even!) but this is just sad. There’s a way to “attack” Mike (the timing of his return to Canada was certainly, um, interesting for one. However I’d rather you “attack” him on policies rather than stuff he said 10 years ago) but the fact he’s experienced other nations and drinks espressos (a legit attack on that site) aren’t good ones.

    The attacks on Dion worked because he was an idiot who even most libs didn’t like. Mike is, according to polls, more liked by Canadians than Harper at this point. This site is juvenile, reactionary and only gonna make things worse for the party.

  • Will

    It’s also strange that Harper would want to indirectly attack immigrants as well by effectively saying that you have to be a ‘real Canadian’ to run for office.

  • It’s also ironic that they’re using a vanity domain to attack Ignatieff’s vanity.

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