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Pros and cons of wind power

I’ve been interested in reading John Laforet’s blog where he occasionally details his opposition to how things are being handled in Toronto via-s-vis putting in wind farms up there without what he feels is proper due diligence. That’s why today’s story in the Toronto Star titled For and against wind power which details how some folks think wind energy is a “sham”, while others defend it just as vigorously from what they believe are inaccurate charges was a good read.  I’ll be interested to see if John has an opinion on the article.

For myself, I can’t say with certainty whether these wind turbines are as effective as their proponents claim to be, or as bad as its detractors say it is, but I can tell you I’ve grown up and lived in a region where wind power has been and continues to be rather prevalent. There is an Old Order Amish community that lives in the area, which philosophy of lifestyle shuns the modern conveniences the rest of the world uses. To that end, all their farms use windmills to supply their power, so obviously the technology does have some merit here.


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  • Wind isn’t practical for powering a steel factory, but it’s just fine for pumping water, cooking food, or listening to radio, or using a laptop. Those against it are generally unable to accept that conservation goes along with sustainable living.

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