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Oh yea.. about the actual BC election..

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before. I consider Gordon Campbell’s Liberals to be LINO’s (Liberals In Name Only). From my perception, there is a lot more  old conservative Social Credit thinking and ideology and not as much Liberalism prevalent in this party. I consider this batch to be a moderate centre-right party, so I’m rather agnostic as to how they do and whether they win or lose – though they have put forth one redeeming policy in the carbon tax.

This is another  reason I hope the proposed STV electoral passes – so that the Liberals and the NDP aren’t the only 2 credible choices to have a chance to be elected. The BC legislature could use a bit of variety and a different POV in there.


6 comments to Oh yea.. about the actual BC election..

  • It’s funny, “in name only” is how I think of most of this country’s Liberal parties and a couple of the provincial NDPs as well.

  • Northern PoV

    Go STV.
    Campbell’s group tarnishes the Liberal brand.
    BC NDP sucks

    Go STV

  • MoS

    At least we have something we can vote FOR this election, the STV. A lot of people I know can’t bring themselves to vote either Lib or NDP and are parking a protest vote with the Greens.

  • DavidA

    I always wondered why they were trumpeted on the side-bar of Liblogs as if they were a feather in the cap of the LPC.

    From Wikipedia:”Previously affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada, the British Columbia Liberal Party has been independent of its federal counterpart since the late 1980s.

  • Actually, a more accurate read on the BC Liberal party is this:

    1. They certainly are not liberal in any sense of the word;
    2. They are not a re genesis of the social credit party;
    3. They are not centre-right;

    4. They are more akin to Alberta reformers than any other breed of political vermin;
    5. Their carbon tax is a sham. You might note that part of doing this was to open the door to their buddies who want to sell power to the US. Suddenly, run-of-river power projects, which are being given a pass on environmental oversight, are considered green… even though most will do environmental damage on a scale not seen in BC.

    6. We have a problem in BC. The NDP aren’t offering anything better. Carole James is intent on implementing a cap and trade system which is worse than Campbell’s carbon (actually it’s fuel) tax. The Greens are nothing but environmentally aware Reformers/Neocons.

    The big thing about the BC election is that STV is up for referendum. Aside from that, there is little to choose from in this election.

  • MoS

    There’s nothing remotely liberal about the LPBC. When the Social Credit ship was scuttled, the rats simply swam over to HMS Liberal and boarded her and we’ve been back to far left/far right politics ever since. Let’s hope the right doesn’t do exactly the same thing to the LPC.

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