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How does the STV proposed electoral reform model in BC work? (and I endorse STV)

Well, try this site out and take a look. Thanks to Andrew Coyne for finding that, who is trying to do some dramatic last-minute posts at Macleans endorsing STV to get it over the hump.  Heck, even Paul Wells has jumped on the STV endorsement wagon, and that’s something,  because  I recall at the very least he was agnostic  about the MMP proposal in Ontario in 2007.

I obviously endorse STV and hope it passes – if only so I don’t have to read another smirking editorial from the Toronto Star (led I won’t doubt by Ian Urquhart, if he’s still involved in the editorials over there. Ian has always been a staunch opponent of reforming the current electoral setup), telling those of us who are for electoral reform to just forget about trying to get our anachronistic current First-past-the post voting system reformed, as the Star did in an editorial after the defeat of MMP in 2007.

Also, I’d like to mention the interesting column by Andrew here pointing out the Harper government would love the Senate to be elected under STV – one of the few things I’d probably agree with Harper on – provided he attempts to electorally reform the Senate as the Constution requires him to, and no trying to do an end-around on it (but that’s another blogpost).


1 comment to How does the STV proposed electoral reform model in BC work? (and I endorse STV)

  • Karem Allen

    I went to an “educational” session for MMP in Ontario, it was
    nothing but scare mongering about the “list” I think it was doomed to fail because of the list.

    I voted yes because it was better then FPTP for the proportion part of it.

    We need to bring the BC STV model to Ontario! How can we get this referendum again?

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